Friday, April 9, 2010

What A Week!!!

Wow, What a week!!! The yard sales were a big success and all we had left was the funiture to sell. After placing an add on the local sale site, the funtiure was gone pretty quick and we were left sitting on our camp chairs and sleeping on the RV mattress we brought in from the Trailer. Boy did that get old after a couple of days, so a decision was made to move into the travel trailer full time. So we headed over to Holloman AFB Famcamp to see if they had any sites availble, and it just so happened we got the last one. Staying at the base is nice as we can take advantage of the base facilities (Commisary, BX, Etc). The site is nice and good size, were on the end, so that helps only having one person beside us.

Once we got set up, we hooked the water hose up, turned her on and Wow! Niagra Falls right here in the trailer!!! Ok, found and repaired the leak. Turned the water back on and Ole Faithful started again............Darn, ok, fixed that leak................well to make a longer story shorter, 9 leaks later, we think we finally have it under control, whew. Looks like the previous owner neglected to winterize the trailer, and with the hard winter we had this year almost every water pipe in the trailer broke in several places................ahhhh welcome to world of Fulltime RVing!!!!....LOL
We're still working on drying out the bathroom and decided to pull up the carpet and lay tile as long as we got it tore apart. So as you can see it's been a very busy week, Garage sales, moving, cleaning and fixing.............damn we're tired, but having fun none the less.
Ok, until we meet again, Keep Lovin Your Life as we satrt are new adventure.

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