Friday, April 9, 2010

More Customizing by Sheryl

As you may remember from the last post, we were almost a sinking ship with all the water leaks. Well turns out water leaks are a man job, so while I was doing the man job, Sheryl got busy changing the couch fabric. If you recall, Sheryl loved the trailer, hated the decor and the couch fabric was no different. We picked up some nice fabric and Sheryl got busy (quite the crafty lady, thats crafty in the good
She sewed her little heart out and the result was just amazing, a newly recovered couch and in a fabric we both like (much better than that green stuff that came with it)

Not to long ago we had gotten a 40" LCD TV for the new house in Alamogordo. Since we had just gotten it, we wern't quite ready to part with it yet. There was a place in the trailer that looked big enough for it but we wern't quite sure, so, we gave it a try. Well, after a bit of fanagling we got it in the space. I was thinking it mite be too big, such a large TV in a small space, but it actually works very well.
Just a short update for today, WiFi here at the park is hit and miss, so will update as we can.
Take Care for now.

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Happytrails said...

I just met up with you all on the Escapees forum. :)
Love your rig!!!! You all have done a great job decorating and making it your "home" and not a trailer. I also hate the RV decor. Who picks that stuff out???

Welcome to the full-time lifestyle and I look forward to following your journey. We also have a blog so if you have time stop by for a visit.

Mike & Gerri (happytrials)

We have two (don't ask) but one day soon will reduce to one. We aren't sure which we like best at this point.