Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TV Dinner

Well, not exactly a TV Dinner, more like TV Antenna install and dinner with new friends. Monday I had a medical appointment down in El Paso, TX. and it just so happens some folks from the Military Jeeper Fourm were wanting to get together also. I contacted them and we arranged to have dinner after my appointment. We met at a local Mexican resturaunt (won't be going back there again, seemed to be the mutual agreement), there were three other families and we all had a good time just chatting and meeting each other. Everyone was great and we talked about more get togethers and some trail rides. Oh and as you can tell, we forgot the camera again..............this getting older thing is sure getting annoying.........LOL
Wednesday arrived and with no other crisis to tend to, it was time to install the TV antenna which had been sitting in the box for some time now. The current antenna has been on the trailer since 1999, so with all the stations broadcasting in digital and HD now, it was time to upgrade.

Removal and installation was very strait forward, just pull two pins and the coax cable and your done. This also gave me a chance to inspect the roof. While inspecting I did find a missing vent cap that will need replacing, so we'll have to pick one up at the RV store later in the week.

We here she is, all installed and ready to keep us in digital HD entertainement for years to come. Its amazing how much stuff you find that needs fixing or upgrading, guess it's like buying a pre-owned house.
Well thats it for this installment, so until next know the drill, keep lovin your life as we do ours.

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Kaileigh Ann said...

Good to see a picture of Kevin!! I just realized that I hadnt seen one of him for quite some time now.. lol! Sounds like you two are keeping busy as always! :) Love ya both!