Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gangs All Here

Busy week or so, Sheryl went in for a surgical procedure, which will remain a private matter for now, other than to say all went well and she is doing very good. The family from Oklahoma came in as well as her sister, to be with her before and after her stay in the hospital.
One nice surprise was her son, who was able to come in also. With-out getting into detail, Sheryl was recently reunited with her son after not seeing him for 23 years. There has been a flood of emotions for the past month or so, while they have been getting in touch, mostly good emotions, which has been great for both of them. Joesph, was able to come out for a couple of days to be there for his mom during her procedure, it sure is great to see them together and watch their bond grow.

That has been the extent of the past couple of weeks, so as I always say, love your life as we do ours, and ours just keeps getting better every day!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Gangs Trip to OKC

Sheryl headed out a week before us to be there for the birth and to help Kaileigh with the baby for the first few days (Oh how Sheryl lovvvvvves being a Gama). We (me and Cassie headed out the following weekend for a couple of days to see the new lttle addition, and let me tell you, she's as cute as can be and as tiny as a peanut....hence her little nickname from This was all a couple of weeks ago, and yes I know I should have updated sooner, by what can I say......ok, sorry, but thats

Clara had her first doctors visit today, 1 Oct 07, and she is doing just fine, she has even gained a whole pound!!! so she is growing and the doctor is happy with her progess. We should get to see the little one again pretty soon as Chris, Kaileigh and Clara should be coming out this weekend for a visit. It will be cool to see the little peanut getting bigger.
Last weekend we all headed out to the Canadian river for a little four wheelin, and boy am I glad I had Sheryl and Cassie along, besides from just having a good time, they made a great counter weight, when I almost put poor jeep on it side, by the time I stopped in a washout, to see if we could make it across, we were balancing on two wheels, and would have gone all the way over had the ladies not been in the passanger seats!!!! Thank goodness for little girls as the saying goes!!!

Thats it for now, will try and update more often as I should be, so until your life as we do could we not with the new little peanut......:)