Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Booties and Wild Storm!!!

I did it, I did it!!! Sheryl exclaimed as I walked in from work the other day, she was so excited she finally figured out the elusive baby bootie pattern which had been haunting her for months now. As you can see, cute little booties to match the blankie she is almost finished with, the blankie just needs some ribbon around the outer edge and it to will be finished. Sheryl has been on a non-stop quest to make more and more blankies, pretty soon every baby in America will be wrapped up tight in one of her hand made blankies if she is not careful!!!
Wow, did we have a storm the other day or what, it came out of the north with a vengeance!! 60+ mph winds and flooding rains, the city even requested that no one drive for a few hours after the storm had passed to let the flooded roads clear. Our poor trees were taking a beating from the wind, thank goodness we have them staked out with sturdy line or our neighbors would have had new trees in there yards!!!
That's all the news for these couple of days, Cassie is in OKC with her sister for a couple of weeks and as sisters do, they are driving each other nuts!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fathers Day and Cassies 17th

Wow, a busy busy week or so, Fathers Day, Cassie's 17th birthday and a few other odds and ends thrown in there. The first odd or end as the case maybe, started after Sheryl was about to get off work one night. She was invited out with a few of her friend for a drink at a local club and there was supposed to be a pretty good band playing there also. Well she called me and of course I agreed, kinda nice going out and meeting new people and having a good time. So off we went and ended up at the hole in the wall place on old Route 66 (we were forewarned it was a dive) but a pretty cool place over all. The band was really wild and in a good way, three guys (lead singer, bass and a drummer) We didn't quite know what we were in for when on the first song, the lead brought out a yucalaly and the bass man put on a tuba (yes a full size TUBA!!!) then broke out in this great blues style of music. They broke out other wild instruments a wood saw (yup a real saw and bow) oh and a wooden box with a hole in it, the drummer would come out from around his set, sit on the box and play (drum on it) during certain songs. What a great time we had, good company, and good music.

Fathers Day came and I was surprised with cards and gifts from my Honey and Cassie. Both card we really cute and as you can see, a electric razor (which will be great for RVing) and a King of the Grill apron for staying clean during my man time at the
Speaking of man time at the grill, Cassie's birthday party consisted of a backyard BBQ with several friends in attendance. We BBQ a large brisket, corn on the cob, potatoes, chips and all the fixins. Cassie got some presents, and a nice B-day cake. Everyone had a good time and Cassie's is another year older and wiser, ok, well

Still working on getting the fence finished, it's going a bit slower than had planed, but with the crazy weather and other things, well it will be done sooner or later and should look pretty good if I do say so myself. Thats it for now and remember to enjoy your life, as you never know whats around the next bend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Honey-Do's Honey-Do's Honey-Do's

The last week or so has been loaded with honey-do's, the first of which was more funny than anything, however frustrating at the same time!!! We (Sheryl) decided she wanted to paint the front door and shutters out front a different color, they were black and just did not fit what we (Sheryl) wanted. We decided it was to be a deep, rich, red color, so off to the paint store we went, picked out the perfect color, had it mixed and home we went. Sheryl and Cassie took right to a paintin and soon we were the proud owners of a Titty Pink door and Shutters.... all we needed was a nipple on top and we would have been all set!!! Hmmmmm not quite the color we had hoped for so off to the paint store we went again and came home again with the perfect color, a beautiful shade of raspberry....ahggggg again not quite what we wanted, but much better than titty pink! Again off to the paint store (this is all over the span of a few days mind you) and again came home with the perfect color.......OK, this time it was the perfect color....however two lessons, trial and error sucks...two, trust you gut, if the color doesn't look right in the can, it's probably not, no matter what the paint guy says. We think it looks much better than the original black paint.

Next project was to stain the back yard fence, we picked up a Wagner power sprayer to make it a bit easier (yea right) the sprayer will only do one board at a time, so after a few feet of up and down your back begins to kill you, by the time I had done the back part of the fence I was done for the day. As luck would have it though our neighbor happened by and offered me his big man size power sprayer, so next Sunday I should be able to finish the job in no time. The redwood stain we picked out will look great against the green grass and other plans for the back yard.

Next project, hmmmm would you believe we went to Lowe's to pick up a $18.00 lawn sprayer and came home with a TREE!!!, so much for spraying the back yard, instead a large hole was dug by yours truly and in went the tree. I'll spare you the gorey details of sweat and tears during the dig, but, we both love the end result and toasted the day and our work with a few Corona's as we admired our new addition to the family.
Sheryl's rose's out front are in full bloom, they sure make the front of the house look great and the smell of the roses is wonderful

The garden is just a growing and a growing, seems like each day it grows more than expected, actually beginning to look like a real garden. There is one minor problem....BUNNIES..... we think are sneaking in at night for a quick nibble, they are getting in through our back gate which is broken (waiting for the fence guy to come and fix it, that's a whole other story though) so a temp barrier was put up and the Bunnie invasion has stopped for now. You should see the fire in Sheryl's eyes as thoughts of Bunnie kabobs dance in her head (think Elmer Fud and huttin rabbits) So a week or so of honey do's comes to an end, will bring you more when the fence is finished so until later......