Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dallas Bound with the Clampets

Lots of stuff has been cleared out of the house and still lots more to go. We did take a load of stuff to be stored and some other items to give to the kids out to Dallas. It was nice of the kids to offer to store some of our stuff in their attic, not much, just important papers and memories we just couldn't part with. I must say, that by the time we made it to Dallas we were pretty much sporting the Clampets look with the tarp just a flappin.
Since Chris and Kayla had just bought a new house, some of our funiture went to them and this load was the last of it. They were all excited to see us pull up and couldn't wait to get the stuff in and set up.

They even went down and bought new lighting to finish off the look.
I wish we could have disributed our furnishing alittle more with the other kids in the family, but they all live much farther away.
The only thing left to sell is the livingroom and bedroom sets and some basic household items and we'll be done in the house and just waiting for our lease to be up in May.

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