Friday, October 28, 2011

Hugoton, KS.

 After being out at the farm for a week, we decided it was time to head into town. The farm was nice when folks were coming and going, but became pretty lonely after a few days. Besides living on 20 amp service from the workshop made watching what you powered a interesting affair. Hugoton has one RV park right on the edge of town. It's a nice small park, ran by an older gentleman. It's also nice having the 50 amp service as the weather has been a changing for the colder.

As a matter of fact, the first real front came through while we slept, and we awoke to the first snow of the season. I know it's not much, but it's always nice to see, even if it's just a little dusting.

Hugoton is the county seat of Stevens Co., it is also home to the Stevens County Gas and Historical Museum. Sheryl had told me it was pretty nice, so we along with her Aunt Sandy, we paid it a visit yesterday. Outside there are various displays of the Natural Gas drilling equipment (which is very prevalent in the area).

Inside, well it's just amazing how much stuff they have packed into such a small space. There are displays of every kind, depicting early life on the West Kansas Plains.

Here one of the ladies from the museum, played an old pump organ, while Sandy and Sheryl listened. Sheryl got all teared up from the music, as her Mom and Gandma, used to play a Pump Organ which was out at the farm. Yes, believe it or not, in that small house, there was both a Piano in the living room and a Pump Organ in one of the bedrooms. It was a nice visit and well worth seeing if you are ever out Southwest Kansas way.

It's been nice being in town, we been visiting with relatives most every day, and of course being closer to shopping never hurts.  Ok, stay tuned for more from SW Kansas, as we will be exploring the National Grasslands in the next day or two, before heading out on the 31st. Take Care and see you back here soon. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Family and Friends

Crazy, Busy but relaxing days here at the ole homestead. I know that's a contradiction, but that's the only way to describe it. It's good to be here at the farm, away from everything, no TV, just a radio. No Internet or video games, just make your own fun. Lots of family have come and gone these last few days and each day it has been evening supper, just the way it used to be.
 Lots of food and organized chaos is the theme at the table. Of course Sheryl and her family is used to it, you see Sheryl is one of 6 kids, so imagine, 6 kids, parents and grand parents plus assorted other family members in this small kitchen/dining room all at once for supper! Well, now that I have experienced it, it's quite the feat!
 The house only has 4 rooms plus the bathroom. In the day, after supper the family would retire to the living room for more conversation and piano playing.
The younger generation trying their hand at old school entertainment, it was great to see.
While we were here, we met up with fellow Fulltimers and Bloggers, Ron and Elena. They just happened to be coming through this part of Kansas, so we got together for lunch in town. They are really nice folks and we sure our glad we were able to meet them. They are on there way south to AZ for the winter and we hope to meet up with them again if we are able to make back out west for the last part of this winter.
As with most places, the sunsets out here can be amazing, this one taken at the end of the farms driveway. That's it for now, all the family (except, for the couple here in town) have headed home, so peace and quiet for the next few days is the name of the game. I have to come into town for WiFi, so again it may be a couple of days for the next installment. Until then, Keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours and se ya soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Wow, what a whirlwind couple of days and it has landed us in the SW corner of Kansas!!! The saga began a couple days ago when we got a call from the RV Repair Shop. Unfortunately for them Sheryl answered the phone, I knew something was up as my sweet darling wife was becoming enraged!!! (I was happy it wasn't directed at me) Now you remember the black tank issue from a couple of posts ago, we need a new one installed,so the shop ordered us one 3 weeks ago (delivery and installation with-in 3 weeks they told us). Well, news was, it would be another 2 weeks, and getting it installed is all we have been waiting for in order to get on the road. Anywho, Sheryl has been dying to get back to Kansas to visit her family, and waiting another 2 weeks was just out of the question!!!  I'll spare you the unpleasant details of the calls she placed to the Tank manufacturer, distributor and back to the shop, needless to say it wasn't pretty, I was just glad I wasn't on the receiving In the end we have to travel back to Alamogordo on the 2nd for the tank to be installed and take care of some other business.

We decided we would just go ahead and head out (returning on the 2nd) after paying our final elec bill and getting the rig ready, we finally got on the road around 4:30pm. We had given thought to just making it a long day and pushing on through to Kansas, however, while eastbound on I-40 a trucker pulled up next to us and was pointing at the rear of the rig (never a good thing). We pulled off at the next exit and found we had no tail lights on the trailer, ok, not good, but better than we thought. Tucumcari, NM. was just up the road and about the half way point, so we decided to spend the night there, courtesy of the Flying "J" and continue on in the morning, no tail lights required. So we did, arriving at Sheryl's family farm around 11:00am yesterday.

Her family's farm was homesteaded in the early 1900s by her Grand Parents, no one actually lives on the property today, but the original house and out building are being kept up by her brother and other family members as they can. The land itself has been leased to a gentleman who is farming the land. More on the farm later with better pictures. We are using the WiFi connection at the town library, so updates may take a couple of days when we come into town for postings.

Kind of a quick get going, but it sure is good to be out traveling again, we'll be here until the 31st when we'll head back to Alamogordo and then onto Dallas and Miami from there. So, take care for now and we'll see you back here in a couple of days!!! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Church Day in Tularosa, NM

Sunday was church day for the first time in a long time for both of us. Now you see, Sheryl has always enjoyed going to church since she was a little girl, but has gotten away from it the past several years. Myself, I've never been a big church goer. So, you maybe asking yourself, so whats the big deal?, so you went to church........ True, in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal, however, in light of recent events (Life Happening) we have decided to start attending again.

We began looking around for one to attend, we both agreed we don't care for the large or super churches. Well the other day, I was out taking pictures in the small town of Tularosa, NM and ran across this old church, built in 1922. I told Sheryl about it, small town, small old school service, so it was our choice. We attended and it was a great service, the folks were so friendly and we spent lots of time chatting with most everyone there afterwards. We know being Fulltime RV'ers it maybe difficult to find a church to attend every Sunday, but when we can we will seek out, small town ones as we enjoy the small local atmosphere much better than the large impersonal ones.

On a different note, churches are great photo subjects, there architecture (especially the older ones) can be very unique and beautiful. Ok, that's it, and just a few more days before continue our adventure.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good News, Bad News, Good News................

Good News, Sheryl finally had the last procedure to relieve her chronic back pain....Yea!!! She is a happy camper now!!! The Doc said this procedure should help for quite some time and for at least 6 months, hopefully longer. It's hard to believe we started this journey 8 months ago and it is just finishing up. We are so ready to back on the road.

Bad News, We have been having issues with our black tank for some time now, it overflowed for a 2nd time...........yuck doesn't come close to describing it, I'll save you all the gory details. We took the rig in to have it looked at (hopeing for a simple repair) well, it seems there is a large crack in the top at the vent inlet and the tank must be replaced.

Good News, the tank is supposed to be in later this week and the repair folks have blocked off time to install the tank either Thursday or Friday, depending on when it comes in. So as soon as it's installed, we're hitting the road!!! We're heading toward Southwestern KS, for a week or so, then making our way toward FL. We're so excited, 8 months in one place is just way to long!!!

That's all the news that's fit to print for now, see you back here soon for Hopefully more good news!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

White Sands National Monument

 Wednesday we had to take a trip out to Holloman AFB to pick up some paperwork, and since the Monument is just a few miles down the road, we thought we'd take it in.

 The White Sands National Monument is located in southern New Mexico, between Las Cruces and Alamogordo. The Monument encompasses a large portion of the 275 Sq Miles of pure white gypsum dunes. The dunes average 30-40 in height and are always moving.

 The Monument has several walking and hiking trails, one of which is a boardwalk, for those who do not wish to walk in the sand.

 The dunes are so white, if your are walking in them the landscape all blends together and sometimes you can not even see the dunes or tell where they begin and drop off, quite the illusion.

 There is also a 8 mile loop road through the monument, you can see it is very defined, due to the constant plowing of the shifting sands.

We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, as there isn't really a lot to see (other than the dunes) and it really dosn't take long to see. That being said, it is a very beautiful place and otherworldly place, well worth a stop if you find yourself in the southern New Mexico area. If you would like more info n the Monument you can find visit their web site here: White Sands National Monument

It was a great day for sightseeing with perfect temps (love autumn in the desert). We still have a couple more adventures here in southern New Mexico, so stay tuned and we'll see you then.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Photography Page

You may have noticed a new element on the Blog, just below the header photo. First thing I must say is, I'm no Pro Photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures and try to learn to take better pictures every day. I started this page to showcase what I think are some of my better photos from each adventure. The photos will usually not help tell the story of the main blog entry, so I will be posting them there. Please feel free to comment with any constructive criticism as I take alot of inspiration from you excellent Photographers out there.

I hope you enjoy the new page, so click over and check it out after each new entry or just to see if any new shots have appeared.

Take Care and we'll see you back here again

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flying "J" Ranch Chuckwagon Dinner and Show

 After returning from the Trinity Site the other day, we hooked up with friends, Chuck and Sharon, for dinner. Of course this wasn't just any ordinary dinner, it was a Chuckwagon dinner and show, up in the mountain town of Ruidoso, NM.

 The dinner and show take place at the Flying "J" Ranch. They have set the place up as an old western town, with plenty to keep you entertained while waiting for dinner to be served. There are several shops with all kinds of goodies for sale.

 And this is what happens when you tell Sheryl she can't buy anything from the shops!!!

 Sheryl found this original RV, needs alittle work, but all in all not bad.

 There is also a gunfight in the street to keep you entertained. Best part is, they add alot of comedy into all their routines, which helped make for a fun evening.

 Our friends Chuck and Sharon.

 After dinner, the show began, it was interesting to see, the same folks who worked the shops and served dinner were also the entertainment. We were pleasantly surprised at how good they could all sing and perform.

Even Granny came out for a surprise performance!!!

We had a great time, of course after the fact it dawned on me, I was so hungry, I forgot to take pics of the dinner. The dinner was served Chuckwagon style on old metal plates and drinks in tin cups. The brisket was so tender you could cut it with your fork, plus beans (I got an extra helping just for fire baked potato, biscuits, rustic applesauce and cake........yummy!!!

We got home around 10:00 after the hour or so drive down the mountain. It sure made for a looooong day after getting up at 5:00 for the Trinity Tour, but we had a great day. Again, if you are ever over this way in southern NM, check out the dinner, it's a great time and great dinner.

So, until next time, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trinity Site Visit

 Oct 1st, was the second of only two tours per year of the Trinity Site (site of the first nuclear explosion in 1945) in central New Mexico. I toured the site a couple of years ago, however Sheryl had not had the chance yet, until now. There are two ways to get out to the site which is located on the White Sands Missile Range. First is to drive to the main gate area and then drive out to the site. For those of us in the Alamogordo area, the Chamber of Commence arranges with the Army to convoy across the missile range, thus cutting 50 miles off the drive. That is the route we took this year, we all met at the local High School, approx 75 vehicles and headed out at 8:00.

 Once in a while the convoy would have to stop or slow down for various reasons, so Sheryl jumped out to snap this shot. The drive was approx 70 miles across the missile range to the Trinity Site. There is photography allowed on the way to the site, so no pics of the vast expanse of the range.

 We arrived at the site around 10:00. Once you arrive it is a 1/4 mile walk from the outer fence line to the inner fence and the actual site. At the outer fence there are a couple of displays and various goodies for sale.

 The site itself contains the monument, a small patch of preserved area under cover (which you can not see) and a example of one of the bombs dropped on Japan.

The monument marks ground zero, the exact spot of the device when exploded. The device was placed on a tower approx 100 feet high (which was vaporized during the explosion) to simulate the above ground detonation when dropped from a plane.

 Around the fence line there are several pictures depicting life at the base camp and the testing itself.

 You can also take a 2 mile bus ride out to the McDonald Ranch House where the scientist assembled the Plutonium Core for placement in the bomb. There are also several displays in the Ranch House explaining the process and what went on there.

At the Ranch House, there are other out buildings you can explore (stable, windmill and bunk house). It was a good tour and I was glad we were in the area so Sheryl could see it. The site is located way out on the missile range and in the proverbial "middle of nowhere". It was a good but long day and we had a great time together. I highly recommend the tour if you are ever down this way. There is really not alot to it, except the feeling of visiting such a place that shaped history forever.

Our day wasn't over yet, we met up with some friends for a Chuck Wagon Dinner and Show up in the mountains, but we'll save that for the next post as this ones long enough already.

Take Care and we'll see you back here soon.