Saturday, February 20, 2010

Farewell to an Old Friend

Our beloved Wrangler was sold today!! Thats right Sold! Never thought it would happen, but it is time for her to bring the same type of good memories to someone else that she brought to us. However the main reason for the sale, is it puts us one step closer to our dream of Fulltime RV travel. As Sheryl and I sat talking last night, she said wow, it's really happening. Yes it's really starting to happen and not just in a dream state, the RV has been bought and one of the vehicles has been sold, two major steps and only a few more to go.
The next step will happen slowly over the next few weeks as we downsize our belonging through yards sales, ads, charity and of course sending the kids home with items they can use.
It's all coming together and soon we will be living the dream we both have been looking forward to for quite some time.
So until next know the drill!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Step Closer!!!

Well, we finally did it!!! took the big plunge and bought our RV (soon to be full time home). She is a 26 foot, 1999 Thor Wanderer. We had been looking for a nice RV with in our budget for sum time now and this one just appeared on a local dealers lot. It has a great floor plan and loads of inside storage, which is a priority when full timing. It was owned by a local older couple who kept it in very good condition both inside and out, and will fit our needs very well.
But you say, hey guys weren't you looking for a motorhome instead??? Yes we were, but then the more we got to thinking and reading, there is all the extra maintance that comes with a motorhome (just like upkeeping another vehicle). Plus all the extra systems that can go wrong on a motor home. The travel trailer has the same basic systems just on a simpler level. Insurance was another concern, insuring the trailer is much less than another vehicle much less a motorhome. In a nut shell, the Travel Trailer seemed like the right choice for us.
Kitchen/Dining Area

Living Area

We are looking forward to begining our fulltime lifestyle and with the RV now ready we can begin anytime the feeling is right.
Thats it for now, so watch out for posts from the road in the not so distant future as we begin loving our life from a whole new perspective.