Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yucks, but better Now!!!

Having the Yucks, sure does S%$K, we have been having the standard this time of year yucks going around the house, first it was Cassie, then Sheryl and then, wammo!! out of nowhere it hit me with a vengeance!!! However, being my stubborn self, still went to work and have just been feeling like yuck for going on 1 1/2 weeks now. Ok, well you get the picture, as to why no updates lately.

Big news for the family, Chris flew out to meet Kayla while she was in Vegas for a bowling tourney, however, on his way, he stopped by Amarillo to ask me for Kayla's hand in marriage. Wow it's take a great guy and someone who really cares about his girl, to arrange a special trip to ask the proper way. I think Chris is a good guy and as Kayla really seems to be head over heals in love, so of course I said yes. This was all of course without Kayla's knowledge, so it was cute to hear her call Thursday night and tell me "I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!" She seems really happy, and they are looking at the spring/fall of 2009 wedding, so they are not just rushing into it.

Sheryl and I attended the Gander Mountain Holiday Party on the 13th, turned out to be a pretty nice affair, held at the Country Barn restaurant here in town, all you could eat BBQ and fixins. We had not been there before, and it is nice enough inside and the food was good, so we may make it a regular stop on our eating out list. During the party, several prizes were raffled off, and we won the Digital Camera, it's a 8.0 MP Nikon, comes with a adjustable tripod and water proof case, very nice!!! Not only only did we win the camera, we also won 1 of 4 $100.00 bills they were giving away!!! Quite the productive evening we had.

Before the plaque hit the household, the winch for the jeep came in, and on one of my days off I stopped by to see Jackie to have it mounted. We as in Kevin (and Jackie's) lucks goes, it was not the simple plug and play operation it seemed it was going to be. Seems as if Warm (the winch manufacture) fails to tell you about a mounting kit you need to mount the solenoid to the winch, and which of course you have to buy separately (not a happy man at that point) However, Jackie being the master fabricator he is, made a mount from scratch (better than anything Warn would have done) Long story short, the winch is all mounted on the bumper and ready for action!!! Let just hope we never need it, even though it sure is nice to know it is there if we do!!!

Kailiegh and her grandmother Kay stopped by for the weekend for a quick visit, it was nice to see them both. We all did the standard visiting and catching up. Kay left Sunday morning and Sheryl drove Kaileigh back yesterday to OKC. Sheryl will be back this evening (sure do miss her even when she is gone only for one night)

That's it for now, more of life's little adventures happened also, but nothing really note worthy, so until next time, keep loving your life as we do ours.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy New Year one and all!!! Well as we all know it is 2008, wow, where does the time go??? Hope all had as good a New Years holiday as we did!!! We (Sheryl and I) actually dad 3 days off together and over the holiday to boot! Sunday Sheryl and the girls went down to Lubbock TX and did the girl thing, the Mall and Shopping, what I hung here and just had a relaxing day. The girls made it back and it was off to dinner, one last night out together before Kaileigh headed back to OKC the next morning.
New Years Eve was spent just putzing around the house together and getting things done (darn, don't you hate when real life pops into your However New Years eve evening was spent with our good friends and next door neighbors, Brandon and Julie. We had a great time of football and games before ringing in the new year, we toasted one and all, before us old farts had to head home and off to bed.
The following morning (ok, noon to be exact) we joined the Jeep Club at the Canadian river for a day of four wheeling and fun. Approximately 25 jeeps were there as well as a few other folks who had joined in for the fun. The day was spent wheeling most of the area, while stopping for the more hard core wheelers to take on the more extreme areas and obstacles.

A couple of shots of the more extreme areas (pictures really don't do the terrain justice) deep washouts and 4-5 foot rock faces for the more ambitious folks. Some made it look easy and some, well let's just say..........didn' Our friend Clint in the yellow jeep (yup the one on it's side) won the glorious honor of the cow bell (must wear it to all jeep club events) for being the first one to roll his jeep since the last lucky fellow.

After the festivities at the river we met some fellow jeepers at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant for dinner and more good times, before heading home. All in all what a great New Years, spent with family, and friend, new and old. Yet anther reason we have to be thankful and love our life. Hope you had as good a holiday as we did, so once again Happy New Year to all.