Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Wedding to Behold

Last week we took a trip to Orlando, FL. for my daughters wedding. Of course being the Father of the bride, I had to give my baby girl away to the new (ok not so new...but) man in her life. I actually didn't mind as I know Chris is a good man and he will take care of her and love her dearly. She feels the same for him, so I know they will be happy together. Her is just a sampling of shots from the wedding, I didn't get to many as I was caught up in the moment and just enjoying the day.
Kayla and Chris's first dance

Our Father Daughter Dance
The Bride and her groomsmen (what a luck girl!!!!)
And the wedding party at play.

Will post a few more of the ceremony later, as they come in.

We (Sheryl and I attempted to squeeze in alittle vacation time along with the wedding, it wasn't much but we did manage a little. Before the wedding we of course helped as best we could. Took Sheryl to Big Tree county park in Seminole county FL, this park boast the largest Cypress tree in the southeast. Didn't get a great pic of the tree, but did get a shot of Sheryl looking Beautiful as always.
We also went Canoeing down the Wekiva river in Central Fl. The Wekiva is one of the few designated Wild and Scenic rivers. The water is crystal clear and ice cold!! As it turned out we had quite a group come with us, about 15 or so total for our adventure. We saw a 6 foot alligator and I was able to get Sheryl within 10 feet before it thrashed into the weed bed, quite a sight for her. And to clarify, we floated slow up to the area of the gator, we did not scare or provoke it in any way. Of course I left the camera in the car so no pic's this time, but here is a shot from last time we did the Wekiva.
Ok, that's it for now, the wedding was great, and the river trip was fun as always. So as we begin to love our life again, you do the same!!!