Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to School Savings

Sheryl and I were at CVS picking up some meds, when we came across this. We had been talking about the upcoming winter and the possibility of a Sweater for Scrappy to help keep him warm. I of course was against it, then I thought, well maybe, but only if has something cool on it. We were looking at these, I like the "I Love Tail" doggy shirt (they have it in blue for Scrappy) as it's so fits Scrappy's personality. Then Sheryl looked up at the sign above and just started cracking up, I saw it also and it just struck both of us funny. Back to School and I love Tail shirts, what a combo, not to mention doggy shirts as part of a Back to School
That was it, just had to share. Take Care and see ya next time.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to Biking

 Here at Tinker AFB in OKC, they have a really nice walking/jogging/biking trail, which loops through various parts of the base for 3.3 miles. With the heat of summer, plus one of our bikes being out of broke, our biking has been alittle hampered. I finally got the bike up and running and along with the cooler temps, it's perfect biking weather. We have been trying to get out each day and do the trail.

 There are several benches placed along the way for your sitting pleasure and the entire path is paved.

 The path crosses several small seasonal streams and is mostly shaded by the wooded area it goes through.

 Of course being on a military base, there is your occasional detour, something about bullets wizzing over your head can put a damper on your

The base also boast a wildlife sanctuary, with several ponds and paths, located along the trail. No biking here though, strictly for walking and enjoying.
The added benefit, is the exercise we have been getting or attempting to get in a little better shape.  So if you ever find yourself at the Tinker FamCamp, take a spin or walk along the trail, it runs right by the campground and is well worth the trip.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun at the State Fair

 This weekend the Oklahoma State Fair came to town. Now we have never been big fair type folks, however, Saturday we took it all in. Actually, Sheryl's Ex Mother in Law purchased tickets to Disney on Ice, which happened to be at the arena inside the fair rounds. So Kay, Sheryl, Kaileigh and Clara hit the show, while myself and Josh, met them at the fair afterwards. The weather couldn't have been better, overcast day with temps in the 70s, ahhhh fall also came to town!!!

 The day was mostly about Clara and watching her have fun at her first fair experience. The girls all enjoyed Disney on Ice and of course Clara had a ball just taking it all in.

Being opening weekend at the State Fair, the crowds were just crazy, to the point of us becoming miserable. So needless to say, we ended up leaving much sooner than planned. However, Tuesday is Military Day, so free admission for us and the kids (since Josh is Active AF). Were hoping the crowds won't be as bad and we can enjoy all the fair has to offer.

Of course as soon as I say posting would be few and far between, something come up to post Ok, see you fine folks back here again sooner than later!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthdays X2

 My how time can get away from you. Haven't posted in a bit, I guess were just enjoying our days of doing a whole lot of nothing. However, a couple of weekends were filled with Birthday Girls!!!  First was Sheryl's daughter Kaileigh, and a weekend of activities. Friday began with a movie night out, and our selection for the night was the Expendables 2. However this was not just any ordinary theater experience, this one came with special seating in a balcony area. So whats so special about that you say???  First, there's the oversized seating (large enough for Sheryl to put her legs up in the seat and cuddle with yours truly. Then there is a full food and bar menu, dinner and drinks served to to your seat. Wow what a way to watch a movie, beer and snacks, just like at home, only on the big screen.

Saturday brought a BBQ of Sausage Kabobs and all the fixin's plus a TV showing of the first Expendables, to catch us up.

The weekend also brought a surprise, Josh and Kaileigh were babysitting their neighbors pregnant doggy, when she decided it was time. Well Josh being our resident RN in training, took the lead and played mid wife  to the new mommy. All toll, 3 cute little puppies.

Next was Kaileigh's daughter Clara's birthday, with a special cake made by Grandma Sheryl. Who knew Sheryl was so multi talented, she surprises me every day.

Of course there was a party with friends and presents galore!!! All the kids had a great time, the pool was filled, the slip and Slide set up, and of course another BBQ and drinks for the adults rounded out the day.

Looks like posts maybe few and a bit between while were here. Not much other than day to day life and saving for the things needed to get back on the road with the motorhome. New tires, a tow bar set up and a little cushion in the back account, will put us on the road in November. It will be off to the family farm in Kansas for Thanksgiving and parts unknown from there, looking forward to traveling again.

As they say, we'll see you back here again, so until then, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!