Monday, April 26, 2010

Sacramento Mountains Off Road Run

Sunday, I meet up with some folk from the local 4x4 club and from Military Jeepers for a day of exploring the Sacramento Mountains here in southern NM. The weather was perfect and the company could not have been better. The area we explored is the same area I had been to a couple of times before, just not on these particular trails. It was also nice going out with some local folks as they filled us in on several historical facts of the areas we visited. All together there were 9 jeeps, all couples or families, so it was a nice friendly day.
Starting down the switchbacks on Westside Rd, from the Timberon end.

The first hill climb. Most of the trails were easy, but there were a couple of spots where the topsoil had washed away and made for a rocky climb.

A local club member gives me a spot coming up one of the rougher area.

At the top of the mesa it was time for lunch, the wind was blowing pretty good, but we managed to be far enough from the dropoff to avoid it.

The Mesa's provided great veiws to Las Cruses, El Paso and the White Sands Valley below.

There is an old corral that I had stopped at before along the trail. However (unknown to me) behind the corral was the remains of an old saloon built here to serve the cowboys that worked the mountains in time gone bye. All thats left is the stone foundation, steps and wooden entryway. Thanks go out to the locals for pointing this and many other areas out.
All in all it was a great day to be out and meeting new people, which is one of the reason we will enjoy this new Fulltime RV lifestyle. As another post comes to a close...............take Care and see you again soon.

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