Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in El Paso, TX.

 After 3 long months at Holloman AFB, it was finally time to leave. We were up (kinda) early, had our couple of cups of Joe and began getting ready to head out. We stopped and said our goodbyes, actually see ya again, to some friends we had made and pulled out around 9:30. A quick stop at the McDonalds on base for breakfast (gotta love that dollar menu) we were on the road.

 The drive was only about 90 miles, so it went pretty quick and uneventful. This being our first longer haul of Scout with Red, we were very impressed with her performance, as I knew we would be. We scored a site in the old section of the Ft Bliss RV Park (Mature trees, tables and a grill at each site) and got settled in.

There is a new section, but it is just basically RV pads in a field, no amenities. This is the view from our rig, the mountains are just a short ways from the park and make for some great sunsets. I also ran into an old friend here at the park, so it was nice getting to visit for a while. We'll be heading over to the base commissary for grocery's before long and to see what new around the base since last time we were here. I don't think we'll do much sight seeing while we are here, mainly just live life and get these medical appointments cleared off our calender.
Thanks for visiting and keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Love a Bargin

Yesterday it was time to have Ole Red serviced (oil change) so we took her to our local Dodge dealer to have it done. Usually I do my own oil changes, however we were give 3 free oil changes by the dealers management for a less than stellar experience we had with them. Other wise they have actually been really good to deal with. Anyway while we were waiting, we noticed the parts department had a table with some clearance items on it. There just so happened to be a chrome wind deflector that just happened to fit our truck on it, and it of course caught Sheryl's eye. She asked how much they wanted for it and the girl came back with $100.00, I (being the tightwad I am) balked at that number as we really don't need it. Sheryl said, well, I'll give you $50.00 if really want to get rid of it........the girl thought for a moment, then said sold! So we are now the proud owners of a new factory wind deflector for well under the retail price, and heck they even installed it for free! Got to love my little wheeler and dealer.

We have also decided that our time here at Holloman is up, we have just a couple more medical appointments to go, but they are in El Paso, TX. So we'll be pulling up our Jacks and heading for El Paso and the Ft Bliss RV Park on Saturday. It's been pretty nice here at Holloman, but the change in scenery will do us both good. We are hoping to only be in El Paso for 3 weeks or less, depending on how things go, then we'll be heading out again on our fulltime adventure.

Were looking forward to the move and getting on the road again. We'll see you back here in a couple of days as we depart for West Texas. Take Care!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life's Simple Pleasures

It's been a bit since we posted, but we were handed a dose of reality last week. Sheryl had quite the scare last week (won't go into details) other than she spent 7 days in the hospital. After all was said and done (and several tests) we are happy to report she is doing well and all tests we negative. With that being said, and with inspiration from a fellow blogger, we take another look at some of life's simple pleasures. Some you do every day and don't give a second thought. Others you may notice but may not take the time to apprecate. But when the thought of losing a loved one/best friend/soul mate hits you square in the face, you take the time. So tomorrow as you get on with being busy, just stop for a moment and remember...........

The feeling you get walking hand in hand with that special person

That long hot shower

The way the day smells after a spring rain

A beautiful sunset

The scent of that rose bush as you pass by

Your first cup of coffee

Waking up and seeing how beautiful and peaceful your partner looks as they sleep

The deep down feeling of being in love

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. You hear it all the time, stop and smell the roses, but how often do you do it. Take the time and reward yourself, life is too short not to.

That was it, take Care and remember to Love Your Life as we do ours........more and more every day.  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roadside Sights

We have been here in Southern New Mexico/West Texas for 5 months now and we both really miss travelling. So, I started looking at some photos of our past travels, and thought I share a few you. These are some of the odd roadside sights we've run across. You know, the kind while driving down the road you see something that causes you to do a double take and you just have to stop and take a look.
 Just South of Amarillo, TX. a farmer did his take on the Cadillac Ranch. There were 8 Combines buried half way in the ground.

 This restaurant was in Claude, Texas. The other half of the VW is on the inside and serves as a condiment bar. It was lunch time so we decided to give it a try, it was ok, but we've had better.

 Outside of Crestview, Florida we saw this huge carving, belong to the DCD Cattle Ranch. We thought it was great what they did with the dead tree instead of just cutting it down.

 In the Dallas Texas area, we saw this Jeep trailer, turned out to be an pretty inventive BBQ/Smoker. As a Jeeper myself we just had to get a picture.

Cedar Key, Florida, you don't often see a pink Edsel sitting on the side of the road.

Those are some of our favorites, We are sure we'll see plenty more on out travels.

Not much else is happening here, just day to day life, while waiting for doctors appointments. We are really wanting to get back on the road and Sheryl is ready NOW!!! But I keep telling her, we are not going to sacrifice your health to leave a little bit early. We'll be out there soon again and it's getting closer every day.

Enjoy the photos and see you next time.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

RV Podiatrist

Wednesday our little Scout had an appointment with the RV Podiatrist for a foot transplant. As you may remember we found a problem with the landing gear when we had the black tank valve fixed. The old landing gear had worn out and was just barley able to lift the rig (gears were shot). That seemed to be a pretty important item we needed to have taken care of (well, if wanted to travel We were up bright and early and headed out to the RV Doc for the surgery, they had the rig for 4 hours, so we just just bummed around town for a while and visited a friend while we were waiting. Bad part about this fulltiming thing, when your house is being worked on, your just SOL on having a place to go. Well they finally called and told us scout was out of recovery and sporting some shiny new feet. The system they installed is a duel motor setup, with a motor for each of the front legs. Our old system only had a single motor to lift both legs. With this set up we can raise and lower the legs both at the same time or individually to account for uneven ground. I think this set up will work out for us pretty well and it's a nice peace of mind knowing it's new. Well with any luck, that will be the last we see of the RV Doc for a while, with no health insurance on Scout, our wallet can't take too many more illnesses. Next up, another fun filled day at the DMV to get her New Mexico registration...................wish us luck!!!