Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunset, a new friend and Sheryl's Handywork

This evening we were graced with a beautiful sunset. As we watched it get more beautiful by the minute, we wondered, how many other folks here took the time to notice it. We looked around and noticed no one was outside here in the RV park.....................I could go on and on, but we'll just leave it at that, just makes you wonder.

The other day during our morning coffee, we were seranaded by this little fellow just outside our door. Then we noticed his little girlfriend arrive and they began their dance of flying around each other and then checking out the nest he had found in the corner of our overhang.

Sheryl has been keeping herself quite busy lately, if shes not crocheting blankets and other little goodies for the kids and grandkids, shes making dresses for them. So for all you faithful family members out there who read our blog, you've been getting a sneak preview of what could show up in a goodie box one day.

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Kaileigh Ann said...

What a gorgeous sunset! ......Mom, that dress is adorable!