Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Day at the Museum

After a few days of yucky cold wet weather (I know, nothing compared to up north) a day out was in order. Today it was the Cedar Key Museum State Park.

The museum gives the history of Cedar Key and the surrounding area. The museum also has a home from the early 1900 as well as many items original to the house.

For all you west coast history buffs, John Muir spent time in Florida also.

The Williams House.

The state did a great job preserving the home and its contents.

After spending time at the museum, lunch was in order. We decided on the Rusty Rim since it was on the water.

Can't ask for a much better view while you enjoy your lunch, yes, the one out the window not the cold frosty

Sheryl has been craving Oysters Rockefeller since we arrived in Cedar Key, so that was her order. She said they were ok, not quite as good as she had hoped, but settled her craving for the time being.

I went with the Fried Clams Lunch Special, the clams were very tasty, and you can tell they were fresh from the area. Overall a good place for lunch, great views and cold beer...........what more do you need.
It was a good day out, as we begin to wind down our time here, pretty soon we'll be headed out and on to our next destination. On a different note, we were not able to get the new travel trailer, so we'll just sink a little cash into this one and get her all fixed up (still be cheaper in the long run) and wait till things get a little better. We are still happy and able to live our dream.
Ok all, until next time, keep lovin Your Life as we do ours.......................

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Images from Cedar Key

Until next time...........................

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cedar Key Images

Been kinda slow around lately, weather has turned for the worse these past few days, so I thought I post a few images from around the area.

Will post a few more in the coming days, hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge

A few miles from Cedar Key is the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. This 53,000 acre preserve is home to most all species of Florida wildlife, as well as protecting one of the countries largest undeveloped river deltas.

The other day Sheryl and I took a ride out to explore the NWR. After taking in the headquarters and getting information we started at the River Trail. This hiking trail is only one mile long and makes a loop from the parking area to the Suwannee River and back.

Quite a bit of the trail is covered by boardwalk over the marsh areas.

View from the end of the trail.

View of the river from another turn out.

With in the refuge, there is a nine mile loop road. This road takes you through all the different eco-systems of the refuge, from tall pine woods to the Gulf coast grasslands.

Just a few of the locals we were able to capture in pictures, there were many more White Egrets and Blue Herons, but wasn't fast enough to get good shots of them.

This road ended at the Grasslands and a few miles out to the Gulf.

Your hosts at the Historic Suwannee River.
Another adventure in the books for us, but certainly not the last, so stay tuned for more..........and keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Hike in Cedar Key

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, Sheryl and I decided to take a hike/bike down one of the local trails. We found this trail by accident as we were exploring some of the back roads of the islands. At one time there was a railroad that ran from the east coast of FL to Ceder Key. The railroad has long since been disbanded.

The city has made a nice walking trail out of the old RR Bed, with informational signs about the plants and seating along the way.

We found a couple of the locals catching some rays.

The trail ends about a 1/2 mile down.

The old trestle pilings still stand as a reminder of what was once here.
It was a fun little hike/bike and we even learned alittle history about the area. After that we rode down to the waterfront for coffee and a slice of homemade Cedar Key Lime Pie.....yummm.
Here at the campground the wifi signal is a little sparse as we are beside a large 5th Wheel which is blocking the signal a bit. So posts maybe a little hang in there and stay tuned for more from our little slice of Paradise.