Sunday, June 24, 2012

Preparing for a New Style of Travel

Yup, were still alive, even though it's been a couple of weeks since hearing from us. Just living day to day life and preparing for a big move. Big Move you say?? I'll explain. With Sheryl's back issues, we've decided to give up the truck and 5th wheel and move to a Motorhome. The 3/4 ton truck has just been beating poor Sheryl (and me) to death, especially when just running around town.
Of course the first step was to find a Motorhome we liked at a price with in our budget, this meant an older one, but of course in good shape. After weeks of scouring the Internet and visiting dealers, we settled on one we found in TX. After working with the dealer by phone, a deal was struck and financing approved. Now we just have to take a trip down to look it over and if all is good, make the purchase. I'll save the type and pictures for after we pick it up.
Next on the agenda was a tow vehicle. Sheryl contacted her brother in KS, as he had acquired their mom's car after her death a few years back. He was not really using it, so they struck a deal and we made a mad dash to pick it up this week. Overall the car is in good shape and just needs alittle TLC. It's a 2002 Chevy Cavalier and the good thing is, it can be towed 4 down.
So we are on our way to a new to us rig and way of travel. The motorhome and car should make traveling and exploring the country much more comfortable.
We'll be heading out on Wed to look at and hopefully buy our new home, if so, we'll be coming back here to OKC for a week then back down to Dallas for the birth of our new grandson, fixing to be a busy few weeks, and much more to write about.

Ok, that's it for this episode, we'll see you next time right back here.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Downtown OKC

Downtown OKC is split into two main areas, the actual business district with the tall skyscrapers and the old warehouse district known as Bricktown. The new glass building of the business area are a sharp contrast to the older Bricktown area and each with it's own flavor. While the business district shuts down in the evening, Bricktown is just getting started. The other day I took a walk around both with camera in hand, you can see a few of my favorites on the Photo Page Here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Naughty Little Boy!

As our little boy grows up, 7 months now, he is becoming more and more mischievous. Of course most of the stuff he gets into is just down right cute, however on this particular day, it wasn't quite so cute to Sheryl. She is stitching a baby quilt for our new grand baby due in July. Well as you can see she left her bag full of thread, all neatly organized mind you, open one night. As you can guess, our naughty little toddler just couldn't help himself and he just had to go for it. The results, a big tangled mess, however he is just too cute to stay mad at, so all is forgiven, even though he still trys to sneak a thread or tow when the opportunity presents it's Sheryl has also learned a valuable lesson here, keep the bag zipped up and out of reach!!!
Our little boy has given us so much pleasure and hours of entertainment, I was hesitant at first about getting a dog, but now that we have him, he is just a delight to have around.

That was the big event of the day and I just had to share. Take Care and see you on the next go round.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun Day With Clara

 Yesterday Kaileigh and Josh were taking our little grand daughter Clara to a fun park and she demanded Gampa come along. We arrived around 3:30, just in time for the heat of the day, our first order of the day was Miniature Golf. It was fun watch Josh show Clara how to hold the club and hit the ball. However as most 4 year olds, she became board pretty quick, the heat was setting in also, so we hurried through the remaining holes for some inside A/C fueled fun.

 This place has all kinds of different things for the kids to do. Here Clara takes a ride on the Frog Hopper, an inside style carnival ride.

She had a great time playing all the games and that's what it's all about!!! After a couple of hours we all were pretty wore out, so it was time to head home. It was good to get out with the little one and of course with Josh and Kaileigh too.

Just a quick report on a fun day with our little Grand Daughter!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Box "O" Mattress

 With Sheryl's back seemingly getting worst everyday, we both have been noticing that the mattress that came with the rig is just to firm for our tastes. So, a new mattress was in order. After looking around abit we settled on the Mattress in a Box from Camping World. We had put one in our old trailer and remembered it being pretty comfortable. It still kills me that they can compress these things so small.

 You can see it here all rolled up, I remember from our other mattresses warning, stand back when you cut the plastic off. Seems they forgot that warning for this one.

 Glad I remembered, so with one last cut "SPROING!!!!" and our new mattress is ready to go. Well almost ready, you should let it poof up for a bit before actually using it. So here's too many a good nights sleep from our new Mattress in a Box!!!.

It was also time to fill up Ole Red with Diesel, something I dread every time I have too. But much to my surprise "WOW" it had dropped 20 cents since we had left for the lake earlier this week. Nice Surprised, we can almost afford to drive around

That's it for this quick installment, we'll see you next time as we keep Lovin Our Life!!!