Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project II

A simple project, but sure has made a world of difference. After the flooring was installed, Sheryl took to installing the window treatment we had picked up at Home Depot the other day. She had been looking all over the RV stores for something to put over our door window, but to no avail. Our front door window is just clear glass with no covering of any sort, it's nice to look out, but it sure lets in a lot of heat and sunlight.Since it's nice for looking out it is also nice for looking in, alittle too nice if you know what I mean. Now we have nothing to hide, but just don't really care for strangers being able to look in while they walk by. We had come to the conclusion, just to get some car window tinting and use it. Then as we were walking through Home Depot, there it was, a nice assortment of window treatments that just cling to the glass, they had several different styles, but we liked this one the best. It goes on very easy, the only issue was, it's very difficult to cut/trim, even with a razor blade. After messing with it for a bit, Sheryl got it up, now no more straying eyes and the coach is much cooler.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summertime Projects

During these dog days of summer and the oppressing 100+ degree heat, we decided to tackle a couple of inside projects. First was replacing the kitchen floor. We could tell the previous owner replaced it once already, however they did a pretty poor job, so the tack looking linoleum had to go.
After pulling it up and scrapping up all the backing, we were pleasantly surprised with the original hardwood flooring. Only problem was there were a few damaged places that would have taken too much work to fix. Along with sanding, staining and recoating, it was going to be more trouble than it would have been worth. We elected to go with a good quality peel and stick laminate flooring, in a slightly darker color to highlight the floor and cabinets. Once we got the hang of it, the floor went down pretty quick.
Scrappy Doo, enjoying the finished project and his favorite sleeping spot. We think it turned out well and are very happy with the results. The same flooring was also in the bathroom. We pulled it up and found the original tile to still be in good shape, so it was just cleaned up and will stay as is.

We have another small project we finished, however blogger is not letting us load another picture right now, so it will have to wait till later. We are loving our motorhome more and more each day. The two A/C units are working great in the heat, even though they can struggle alittle when the temp get well over 100, but that's seems to be the same with most all RVs.

We leave for OKC Wed. so more than likely we'll see you then.................

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Spirit

 Kayla and Chris invited us over to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. We all decided to get in the spirit and have a English dinner and brew to top off the festivities. On the menu was Bangers and Mash along with some Newcastle Brown Ale to wash it all down. I must say, it turned out very good, we did the Bangers (sausages) on the grill and made up some brown gravy from last nights pot roast. Of course the ale flowed through the ceremonies to make them that much better....lol

Even little Easton got into the spirit, him and his dad were fist pumping to the musical portion of the show. It was so cute, because he was actually pumping his fist!!!

We had a great time. The Opening Ceremonies were very well done, and made for an enjoyable start to the games.

Well we only have three more days here in the DFW area, then we head back to OKC. We haven't decided how long we'll stay in OKC but, it maybe longer than we want in order to replenish our savings. Our fund took a big hit buying the motorhome, but it was well worth it. We also need to start looking into a tow system for the car so poor Sheryl doesn't have to keep following behind.

That's it for now, and we'll see you back here again before long.

Monday, July 23, 2012

An Elusive Creature

 No not the Wal-Mart, but the area we found in the outer part of the parking lot.

While we were in OKC for the week, we stopped by the local Wal-Mart we use while in town. I dropped Sheryl off, as she just wanted to run in and pick something up. I took off for a loop around the parking lot and just happened to run across this "Free RV Water and Power" sign. We had been to this Wal-Mart several times and never noticed it or any RV's in the parking lot for that matter. I've heard about some Wal-Marts that provide water and or power, but this is the first time seeing one in person. There are 4 parking spots, 3-30amp plugs and 2 water faucets.

Just thought I'd post this incase anyone happens to by heading through OKC on I-40 looking for a quick stop for the evening. This Wal-Mart is located on the east side of town in the Midwest/Del City area at the Sooner St. exit.

I also posted a few of our favorite picture from the wedding on the Photo Page. Feel free to take a look, they can be found Here .

Take Care and we'll see you back here again.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Secret is Out!!!

 We had quite the time in OKC this week and we are now safe and sound back in TX. The week was quite busy as you could imagine. We got to witness and share in the wedding of Sheryl's daughter Kaileigh to the man of her dreams Josh. The week was filled with last minute items to be taken care of, along with the other things we had to do that week. The wedding was originally going to be hush hush for personal reasons of the couple, however, after the ceremony they just couldn't contain their selves and just had to let everyone know!!!

The wedding took place at Will Rogers Park in Oklahoma City. The park is beautifully kept with lakes, abundance of flowers and walking paths. We attended as witnesses and of course parents along with a few other family members. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by yours truly photographing the happy couple around the park. I'll post some of the nicer shots on the photography page after going through them.

So here's to the happy couple, may they have a long and wonderful marriage!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scrappys New Boo Boo

Well, it's actually more than a Boo Boo, it's more like a hairline fractured pelvis, torn ACL and various other bruising to his left rear leg........poor little guy. We don't know what actually happened, other than Sheryl heard him crying in the back yard. She went to get him and found him limping on the left rear leg. She checked him out and thought he may have broken his leg somehow, so Sheryl and Kaileigh rushed him right to the local Animal Urgent Care. The Vet was so nice and caring, when he hear Sheryl crying, he rushed right out, took Scrappy from her arms and got him back right away, Great Service!!! After the exam and X-Rays, the above was determined. Again, we don't know just what happened, but the Vet said, he has seen alot of injured dogs and Scrappy's injuries were consistent with being kicked very hard. There is a hole in the back fence, that Scrappy and Kaileigh's dogs get out once in a while, so they could have gotten out for a minute and some jerk may have kicked poor Scrappy. We'll never know. So the little guy is on pain killers and bed/kennel rest for two weeks. Vet said there is no way to splint or treat a hairline fracture to the pelvis, other than rest and to let it heal.
Poor Scrappy, wish him well and he'll be back to his ole self in no time. That's the latest news, so until next time.........................

Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Girls New Dress

We arrived safe and sound here in OKC and are staying at Josh and Kaileigh's house for a few days. Yesterday afternoon, Sheryl got to surprise Clara with here very own hand made Princess Dress. Clara had been wanting a Princess Dress, so Grandma Sheryl made her one and we all think it turned out beautiful. Even Sheryl was pretty proud of herself!!!

Today was registration day for the car we picked up in Kansas, so she is sporting her shinny new OK plates. Interesting thing, here in OK, they actually have privately ran tag agencies, where you can get you tag, various state licences and your drivers license, all with out having to visit the ever popular State Motor Vehicle Division. It was nice to walk in and 15 min later walk out with tags! Awesome!!!!

So, one more item checked off the list, now just a couple more and we'll be done here for a couple more weeks. Also in case you were wondering, baby Easton , mom and dad are doing fine, and we'll be back down to see them in a few days. Take Care and we'll see you back here soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Texan RV Park

We've been here at the Texan RV Ranch for about 2 weeks now, so, I thought I'd do a quick review for you. The park is located in Mansfield, TX. Just south of the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and surrounded by farmland. They have a small store available for some basic items, but can be pretty pricey, as with any convenience store. There is also a pool, laundry and shower house, all keep very clean and nice.

Like with most parks, they seem to cram as many sites in as possible, some have a little more room than others, but all in all not real roomy.

The park also has several cabins for rent, again clean and well cared for.
We like this park, as it is pretty close to our kids who are only a few miles away. If you are looking for a park to visit in the DFW area, there are several closer. However it's not that far to the area attractions and being out in the country, it's a nice quiet park to come back to.
Today, they had a July Celebration, with a BBQ, and water bouncy castles for the kids around the pool area. Of course blogger is being stubborn here at the park, so I can't upload any more pictures, so I'll save them for later. All in all it's a nice park and worth a stay if you are in the DFW area, they also accept various discount clubs to include Passport America. For more on the park, you can visit their website Here.
Tomorrow were taking a road trip to OKC for a couple of doctors appointments. We'll be leaving the rig here at the park and staying with our daughter in OKC for a few days. So until later, take care and see you soon!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blogger is Messing With My Head

This post is basicly a test to see if bloger will take more pictures. I was trying to change the current header picture and blogger keeps telling me, I have exceeded my photo storage limit......... However, it looks as if I can still post photos in the main body. I guess we'll see how long this holds out. If not, we'll have to begin anew. After 6 years of posting, I'm not surprised..........so we'll keep going here, until the bitter end.......See ya soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pace Arrow Vision

We'll now that baby fever has settled down, I can show you our new to us motorhome. She's a 2000 Pace Arrow Vision, low miles and so far all is well with her. Compared to the Dodge this is a pleasure to drive and Sheryl's back is so much more comfortable in these Captain's Chairs. The added plus is driving around town in the little Chevy, much, much better gas mileage, and again so much more comfortable. The two large slides give us alot of room inside and we don't even miss the triple slide of the 5th wheel. Motorhomes do feel a bit smaller inside, but I believe alot of it is due to the lower ceiling height. Being a 2000 model, there are a couple issues, but that's to be expected and we planned for these unexpected issues by getting a extended maintenance warranty and roadside assistance. Next step will be getting the car set up to tow.

 We are looking forward to getting out and stretching her legs abit more on the road, but until then, we are parked at the Texan RV Ranch, here in Mansfield, TX, just a few miles from Chris and Kayla's (and now Easton's) place. We'll be here till the end of the month, then back up to OKC and parts unknown after that. So, until next time......................

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sheryl's Handy Work

Yesterday we got out and about alittle. First on the agenda was to visit Chris and Kayla to get our baby fix for the day (I'll spare you more baby pics for now...lol). Sheryl also wanted to deliver her special handmade baby quilt that she had been Cross Stitching on for several months now. I don't know where she finds the patients to do projects like that, but they sure are beautiful when there finished. Of course Chris and Kayla loved it and it will be a cherished memory for years to come.

After visiting for a while it was time to head home, on the way, Sheryl mentioned she wanted pizza for dinner. Well we just happen to know about a great little pizza place just down the street (more or less) in the town of Cedar Hill, TX. We turned the car around and headed that way. Pizza is always good, but after checking out the menu, Sheryl settled on a Calzone and it was a Sausage Parmesan Sub for me. The Internet here at the park is being alittle stubborn with loading of pics, so no shots of the inside or the great food. However if you ever find your self in the southern Dallas/Ft Worth area be sure to check out Sam's in Cedar Hill, you won't be disappointed.

So until next time, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours and we'll see you back here soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grandpa Time!!!

 Granpa got in a little Grandpa time with Easton yesterday. What a happy little baby he is, not a cryer or whiner, of course he's got good genes from both sides of the family. We stopped by for a bit and visited the kids and the rest of the family for abit before heading home. That's the nice part about being here with the RV, we don't have to spend every waking hour at their house or in some hotel room. We can come and go as we want to, sleep in our own bed and be in our own home when not visiting.

It just so happened when it was my turn to spend alittle time with him, he woke up and was a pretty bright eyed little boy for only being a few days old now. He is just one cute kid (gets that from me you know.....lol). The other thing he gets from our side of the family, and one day he'll either thank me or curse me, is large hands and feet. Monkey Toes as Sheryl likes to tell me, well they are good for picking things up off the floor with out bending over.....lol.

Ok, just a quick daily dose of Baby Easton. Take care and see you back here soon, maybe even with a different subject....lol.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Easton Comes Home

Kayla and Baby Easton were finally released from the hospital and headed home. Mom, Dad and Easton were greeted with a fully decorated home, lunch and a great dinner prepared by one of Kayla's friends.
A welcome home gathering was in order, besides all the family, several of Chris and Kayla's friends stopped by through out the day.

Kayla and Easton are doing fine and are looking forward to all the little bundle of joy will bring.

Just a quick update to say Mommy, Daddy and Baby are doing fine and home from the hospital. We have been enjoying our time with them and mainly just hanging out. So until next time...................

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Presenting Baby Easton, Our Grandson.

There are few very special moments in life and the birth of your first grandson is one of them. How lucky we were to be here with Kayla and Chris to share their (and our) special moment. It seems like just yesterday when I was holding my son and little girl just as I was holding little Easton today. The little guy weighed in at 7lbs, 3ozs and 20 1/4" long.
Mommy and baby are doing just fine.

Sheryl was getting her turn in enjoying the little guy. Her nursing background took over and she was making sure the attending nurses were doing everything just so, it was great to see.

The other grand parents all flew in from FL for the big event, but it sure was nice just to have drove our home here and be able to stay as long as we want. Fulltiming is great!!!

That's it for now, we'll post up some more picks of little Easton and the proud parents later. Until then, take care and keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!