Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunset, a new friend and Sheryl's Handywork

This evening we were graced with a beautiful sunset. As we watched it get more beautiful by the minute, we wondered, how many other folks here took the time to notice it. We looked around and noticed no one was outside here in the RV park.....................I could go on and on, but we'll just leave it at that, just makes you wonder.

The other day during our morning coffee, we were seranaded by this little fellow just outside our door. Then we noticed his little girlfriend arrive and they began their dance of flying around each other and then checking out the nest he had found in the corner of our overhang.

Sheryl has been keeping herself quite busy lately, if shes not crocheting blankets and other little goodies for the kids and grandkids, shes making dresses for them. So for all you faithful family members out there who read our blog, you've been getting a sneak preview of what could show up in a goodie box one day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sacramento Mountains Off Road Run

Sunday, I meet up with some folk from the local 4x4 club and from Military Jeepers for a day of exploring the Sacramento Mountains here in southern NM. The weather was perfect and the company could not have been better. The area we explored is the same area I had been to a couple of times before, just not on these particular trails. It was also nice going out with some local folks as they filled us in on several historical facts of the areas we visited. All together there were 9 jeeps, all couples or families, so it was a nice friendly day.
Starting down the switchbacks on Westside Rd, from the Timberon end.

The first hill climb. Most of the trails were easy, but there were a couple of spots where the topsoil had washed away and made for a rocky climb.

A local club member gives me a spot coming up one of the rougher area.

At the top of the mesa it was time for lunch, the wind was blowing pretty good, but we managed to be far enough from the dropoff to avoid it.

The Mesa's provided great veiws to Las Cruses, El Paso and the White Sands Valley below.

There is an old corral that I had stopped at before along the trail. However (unknown to me) behind the corral was the remains of an old saloon built here to serve the cowboys that worked the mountains in time gone bye. All thats left is the stone foundation, steps and wooden entryway. Thanks go out to the locals for pointing this and many other areas out.
All in all it was a great day to be out and meeting new people, which is one of the reason we will enjoy this new Fulltime RV lifestyle. As another post comes to a close...............take Care and see you again soon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kayla's B-Day and Bowling Tournement!!!

Happy Birthday Kayla!!! Today is my daughter Kayla's birthday. The other day Kayla flew into El Paso, TX. for a bowling Tournament, so we drove down and met her yesterday and spent the day together watching her bowl and taking in the local sites.
She did pretty good in the tourny, but we'll have to wait till Aug when it's completley over to see how she faired.

Some of the sites we took in were the Boarder Patrol Museum and a trip over the local mountain pass.
Here I am playing on one of the displays..........hey it was a Jeep so I couldn't

We also took in the El Paso Museum of History and the Science Museum. As you can tell Sheryl loves the ole, Hey Honey and when she turns around I snap a shot
We all had a good time spending the day together and it ended with a nice birthday dinner at Outback Steak House with us and some of her friends that were here for the tournament also.
Thanks to everyone who reads our the blog for stopping by and we'll see you back here in a couple of days

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TV Dinner

Well, not exactly a TV Dinner, more like TV Antenna install and dinner with new friends. Monday I had a medical appointment down in El Paso, TX. and it just so happens some folks from the Military Jeeper Fourm were wanting to get together also. I contacted them and we arranged to have dinner after my appointment. We met at a local Mexican resturaunt (won't be going back there again, seemed to be the mutual agreement), there were three other families and we all had a good time just chatting and meeting each other. Everyone was great and we talked about more get togethers and some trail rides. Oh and as you can tell, we forgot the camera again..............this getting older thing is sure getting annoying.........LOL
Wednesday arrived and with no other crisis to tend to, it was time to install the TV antenna which had been sitting in the box for some time now. The current antenna has been on the trailer since 1999, so with all the stations broadcasting in digital and HD now, it was time to upgrade.

Removal and installation was very strait forward, just pull two pins and the coax cable and your done. This also gave me a chance to inspect the roof. While inspecting I did find a missing vent cap that will need replacing, so we'll have to pick one up at the RV store later in the week.

We here she is, all installed and ready to keep us in digital HD entertainement for years to come. Its amazing how much stuff you find that needs fixing or upgrading, guess it's like buying a pre-owned house.
Well thats it for this installment, so until next know the drill, keep lovin your life as we do ours.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Busy Week!!!

Wow, another busy week in the bag. We finally got a handle on all the water leaks (or so we thought) so it was time to change out the water heater. We knew the old heater was leaking, but our priorities were on fixing the other water leaks, besides we had to wait for the new heater to arrive. Once it came in we could replace it.

So it was out with the old. Once we had it out we found the bottom had rusted out and thus the leak was accounted for. Replacing the heater was pretty painless and strait forward as we were replacing it with the same model. Once in and hooked up, wouldn't you know the flexable lines feeding the heater began leaking..........ahggggggggggggg........ok aonother run to home depot and it was finally all in and working Leak Free Yeaaaaaa!!!

A couple other projects were also in the works. Since we had the bathroom tore apart fixing the leaks there, we decided to tear the wet carpet out and continue with tile into the bathroom. We also got a great deal on a new toilet during a recent trip to Camping World so it was time for it to go in also. The bathroom is much nicer now and replacing the old low profile hand flush toilet with the new high profile foot flush is so much better and a great upgrade. The china bowl also gives it a more residential feel.

Next was replacing the old kitchen faucet, which was very low and almost even with the sink top. This made it very difficult to do much of anything in the sink. As you can see the newer high gooseneck is much more user friendly. The install was a bit trying to say the least, with the tight space under the counter. Thank goodness for Sheryls tiny body, she was able to practically crawl inside the cabinet and make the the connections.

Believe it or not, during all the fixing, running to town, installing and generally busy week, Sheryl found time to Crochet our grandaughter a little dress. It turned out amazing and now she has her first handmade dress from grandma.
Whew..........time for a break, think we'll just kick back grab a drink and enjoy the weekend. Doing all the work was a learning experience and it was good to do it together, and in the end, it was a great sense of accomplishment.
See Ya next time for more of our new life that we are Lovin!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Customizing by Sheryl

As you may remember from the last post, we were almost a sinking ship with all the water leaks. Well turns out water leaks are a man job, so while I was doing the man job, Sheryl got busy changing the couch fabric. If you recall, Sheryl loved the trailer, hated the decor and the couch fabric was no different. We picked up some nice fabric and Sheryl got busy (quite the crafty lady, thats crafty in the good
She sewed her little heart out and the result was just amazing, a newly recovered couch and in a fabric we both like (much better than that green stuff that came with it)

Not to long ago we had gotten a 40" LCD TV for the new house in Alamogordo. Since we had just gotten it, we wern't quite ready to part with it yet. There was a place in the trailer that looked big enough for it but we wern't quite sure, so, we gave it a try. Well, after a bit of fanagling we got it in the space. I was thinking it mite be too big, such a large TV in a small space, but it actually works very well.
Just a short update for today, WiFi here at the park is hit and miss, so will update as we can.
Take Care for now.

What A Week!!!

Wow, What a week!!! The yard sales were a big success and all we had left was the funiture to sell. After placing an add on the local sale site, the funtiure was gone pretty quick and we were left sitting on our camp chairs and sleeping on the RV mattress we brought in from the Trailer. Boy did that get old after a couple of days, so a decision was made to move into the travel trailer full time. So we headed over to Holloman AFB Famcamp to see if they had any sites availble, and it just so happened we got the last one. Staying at the base is nice as we can take advantage of the base facilities (Commisary, BX, Etc). The site is nice and good size, were on the end, so that helps only having one person beside us.

Once we got set up, we hooked the water hose up, turned her on and Wow! Niagra Falls right here in the trailer!!! Ok, found and repaired the leak. Turned the water back on and Ole Faithful started again............Darn, ok, fixed that leak................well to make a longer story shorter, 9 leaks later, we think we finally have it under control, whew. Looks like the previous owner neglected to winterize the trailer, and with the hard winter we had this year almost every water pipe in the trailer broke in several places................ahhhh welcome to world of Fulltime RVing!!!!....LOL
We're still working on drying out the bathroom and decided to pull up the carpet and lay tile as long as we got it tore apart. So as you can see it's been a very busy week, Garage sales, moving, cleaning and fixing.............damn we're tired, but having fun none the less.
Ok, until we meet again, Keep Lovin Your Life as we satrt are new adventure.