Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Busy Week!!!

Wow, another busy week in the bag. We finally got a handle on all the water leaks (or so we thought) so it was time to change out the water heater. We knew the old heater was leaking, but our priorities were on fixing the other water leaks, besides we had to wait for the new heater to arrive. Once it came in we could replace it.

So it was out with the old. Once we had it out we found the bottom had rusted out and thus the leak was accounted for. Replacing the heater was pretty painless and strait forward as we were replacing it with the same model. Once in and hooked up, wouldn't you know the flexable lines feeding the heater began leaking..........ahggggggggggggg........ok aonother run to home depot and it was finally all in and working Leak Free Yeaaaaaa!!!

A couple other projects were also in the works. Since we had the bathroom tore apart fixing the leaks there, we decided to tear the wet carpet out and continue with tile into the bathroom. We also got a great deal on a new toilet during a recent trip to Camping World so it was time for it to go in also. The bathroom is much nicer now and replacing the old low profile hand flush toilet with the new high profile foot flush is so much better and a great upgrade. The china bowl also gives it a more residential feel.

Next was replacing the old kitchen faucet, which was very low and almost even with the sink top. This made it very difficult to do much of anything in the sink. As you can see the newer high gooseneck is much more user friendly. The install was a bit trying to say the least, with the tight space under the counter. Thank goodness for Sheryls tiny body, she was able to practically crawl inside the cabinet and make the the connections.

Believe it or not, during all the fixing, running to town, installing and generally busy week, Sheryl found time to Crochet our grandaughter a little dress. It turned out amazing and now she has her first handmade dress from grandma.
Whew..........time for a break, think we'll just kick back grab a drink and enjoy the weekend. Doing all the work was a learning experience and it was good to do it together, and in the end, it was a great sense of accomplishment.
See Ya next time for more of our new life that we are Lovin!!!

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Kaileigh Ann said...

Wow! You two are pretty busy huh? Momma, that dress looks amazing! Cant wait for Clara to try it on! Love you both and be safe!