Friday, June 10, 2011


 Our little trailer sold in just 3 days!!! Wooooo Hooooo!!! We had a couple travel 150 miles to look at it and bought it on the spot. We came down a little from what we were asking for it, but feel we both got a good deal. We also did a good deed for a family down on their luck, let me explain. The couple who bought the trailer are not true RVers, but rather a couple who fell on hard times. The gentleman had his identity stolen and this caused them to lose everything they had to include his job. Hard to believe criminals can have such power over you. The couple managed to save X number of dollars over the last year and needed to buy a place to live. Believe it or not, they have been living in a utility trailer for the past year, with no power or water at all, man that is true love to stay together through that. They drove the 150 mile here and their truck started acting up, to the point they can not tow the trailer back home, (bad luck strikes again). After talking it over with Sheryl, we decided, we would tow the trailer back for them (heck we have nothing else to do, we're retired!!!) You would not believe how grateful these folks were, on top of that, they were just the sweetest couple, and just down on their luck. There were some other issues that we worked together on, but long story short, we were able to sell our trailer and at the same time, help out some good folks in need, we feel really good!
So around 2:00 pm we all got on the road, we towed the trailer from Holloman AFB (south central NM) to southwestern NM. Sheryl had never been to this area of NM, so that was an added bonus for her. I'm sure most everyone has heard of the fires burning in AZ. In the picture above, that low cloud on the horizon is actually smoke from the fires blowing into NM, and this is the smaller one burning in southern AZ.

After dropping the trailer at their RV site (yes they were actully living in a small utility trailer, wow) it was getting to be dinner time. They recommended a local steak house for dinner, so we said our goodbyes and off we went. All we can say is the dinner was GREAT and one of the better ones we have had out in a long long time. As you can tell I've purposely left out the name of the town in which they are staying to protect their privacy. However, if you would like the name of the restaurant and town, just drop us an email and we'll hook you up. This place is well worth it if you are in Southwest NM.

So that's it, the trailer is sold, and a good deed done to boot. We're one step closer to getting back on the road, can't wait. Ok, until we meet again, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, good news indeed. Nothing better than a fast sale and your trailer will help out this very needy family.

That was very nice of you to help them out and tow the trailer to their site. You'll be blessed for your generosity one day.

It's always a good feeling to help somebody out.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Your new home looks great! I agree about how much you can cram in a trailer, it's always amazing to see how much you have been hauling with you!
We just did a seasonal clean out after 8 months on the road, we hauled at least ten boxes to storage!
I love your flooring, we are going to do the same thing soon, am especially interested in how they dealt with the slide flange thingy, I was wondering how to cover the gap...
Glad you could help people out too, it always feels good to do something worthwhile.
Full Time Road Warriors