Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Change, Big Improvement

It funny how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. In this case, quality of life. I was reading the Scouts owners manual (I know, say it's not so) and it suggested a 60 psi water regulator to protect the RV's plumbing. We have been using a 40-50 psi regulator on the trailer and just transferred it over to the Scout when we hooked her up. and the water pressure was, lets just say, dismal. While we were at the RV Doctor the other day, we picked up a 50-55psi Hi-Flow regulator, brought it home and replaced the old one. All we can say is WOW what a difference that made, the shower now feels like a real home shower!!!  Of course all the other faucets work that much better also, but the shower is best. The other big change (which actually came with the rig) is the 10 gallon Hi-Intensity water heater, we have yet to run out of hot water, and that's taking back to back showers and not turning the water off during each one. Ahhhhhh life is good!!!

We have a window behind the head of our bed with the Day/Night shades. We both like to sit in bed in the mornings, have our coffee and make some valid attempt at waking up. We found ourselves leaning against the shades, as well as the pillows hitting against them as we were going to sleep. We decided to look at putting a headboard up to save the shades from our daily assault on them. While at Hobby Lobby (you remember Sheryl's favorite store) we found this rustic but lite headboard. Sheryl's wheels started turning and she told me her plan for it, so we picked it up. Once we got it home, she went right to work with the transformation. She had some left over batting from a quilt she made, plus a bed skirt from the new bedding set. So after a little cutting, stapling and hot glue gunning, we had a headboard to match our bedroom. We both think it turned out pretty good, and it keeps us from destroying the shades protected behind.

That's it's for today's home improvement projects, really not much to do in the Scout, just little changes that make a big difference. So until next know the drill.....see you then.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Nice headboard! Sheryl has got talent, for sure. If only RV manufacturers would let women design their products, we'd have much nicer rolling homes.

We love our 10 gallon water heater, too. I had enough sea showers when I sailed on CG cutters. Now I'm enjoying life.

Keep up the good work, your new Scout is looking great!

Darren and Joyce Romero said...

It's looking good! Glad to read you are enjoying the "Fiver". Your improvement are looking sharp.