Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleaning Day

We finally got everything moved over to the new rig, so today was a day of cleaning both. Sheryl worked on cleaning the travel trailer and getting the inside presentable for sale. We have it listed on Craigslist and are hoping for some good news and a quick sale. As Sheryl worked on the Trailer, I worked on washing the outside of the new rig, well at least getting the first layer of grime off. Seems as if it had not been washed in a long long time. Even got up and did the roof, after a few hours we were finally done, man what a job. Next step will be to give her a good coat of wax (the rig not Sheryl). 

Sheryl also went for her second Physical Therapy session and to our surprise it's working already. With nothing more than a few of the right stretches shes actually feeling some improvement. So things are looking up for us.

Not much else for us, just enjoying the new rig and all the room. Still trying to get organized, but that is with any new place. So that's it for now, take care and as we say..........well, you know the drill............see you next time.  


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

With all that work you're doing, you'll really sleep well in your new home. Keeping our fingers crossed that the trailer sells quickly and at a good price.

That is great news that the theraphy is helping Sheryl feel better already. That should help you get back to traveling soon. :c)

Anonymous said...

You new rig looks rocking! Enjoy the ride! Nina