Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out With the Old and In With the New

In famous Sheryl fashion, it didn't take long to begin making our new 5th Wheel fit our style. One of the first things to go was the that hideous futon it came with (the previous owner was so proud of it). We replaced it with a new small sized couch/chaise lounge, and wow is it comphy!!! Good thing is it fits in the same space as the original RV couch, maybe just a little longer.  It looks kinda big it the space, however we like the way it helps define the living area and separate it from the dining/kitchen area. You also may think that with it's size comes alot more weight, good thing is, it's not very heavy at all. We also removed one of the 2 big rocker recliners to give us more room. So with replacing the original couch, and the extra chair, the weights for the trailer pretty much remain the same.

So our little house is coming together, once again it's beginning to look like a small apt rather than a trailer and that's the look we are going for. We are also awaiting a package from Brown Santa (UPS) which will actually allow us to move the trailer, so, we'll so you that when it comes in.

Ok, take care and see you soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new couch! Really nice change. Can't wait to see how it all comes together for you.