Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Shoe's and a Surprise???

 When we bought the truck, the tires were, well, just about worn out. So, with the sale of the trailer it was time for Big Red to get some new shoes. After scouring the internet for good deals, we decided on a set of Cooper All Terrains from Discount Tire. I prefer buying tires from national chains, mainly for their road hazard warranty and the number of stores located around the country. This way if something happens, theres a good chance There will be a store nearby. I know a lot of folks don't believe in buying the road hazard warranty, but with the number of miles we put on our rigs as Fulltimers and some of the rough off road travel  we do, for us it's peace of mind.

 I've never used Cooper tires before, but have read a lot of good reviews on this particular tire. Discount was out of the tire I originally had in mind, these Cooper's were a more expensive tire, but they came down on the price to match the ones they were out of. Some folds may disagree, but I've always had great customer service at Discount, and this time was no exception. So we'll see how the Cooper do out on the road.

While we were on our road trip for tires, Sheryl has some decorating ideas for the new rig, so a stop at her favorite store was in order!!! You can see she has a pillow from our new couch (too be delivered on Tuesday) to match up colors. You maybe wondering just what she has up her'll just have to wait and see..............I know, it's not nice to tease!!! After a long day it was back to the campground, a lot of miles to take care of these couple items. I love the small town atmosphere of Alamogordo, however you have to travel abit for big city stores and amenities.

That was our day yesterday, and a couple more checks off the list to getting back on the road at the end of next month. Ok, thats it for now and we'll see you next time.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Nice new shoes. How cool is it that the dealer came down in price, too. See, you did something nice for the folks that bought your trailer and now somebody did something nice for you.

I agree about road hazard warrantees. You only need to use it once and it will pay off.

I have an extended warranty on my MH, too. Just in case, it's peace of mind.

Looking forward to seeing the new decor. :c)

Matt said...


It is good to see you are both doing good. I like to check your blog from time to time to see how your adventure is going. Hope to maybe someday do the same.

Matt N. (Green Tacoma, twin boys: thats the best way to know who the heck I am)