Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Juice for Big Red

 We'll, it seems as if Big Red has been getting jealous of the Scout with all the attention she's been getting lately. So ole Red decided to let her batteries peter out and just go bad all together (that'll teach them to ignore me!!!) I've been having to charge the batteries more and more lately, as when I hop in the truck to starter up, shes just dead. Well I finally had enough and took her into the dodge dealer to be checked out (incase it was something else) and they confirmed the batteries were bad. Ok, kinda figured that, however what I didn't figure on was what they wanted to charge to install 2 new batteries. The Service Rep gave me a call here at the house with the quote, and after I picked myself up off the floor, said I'd be down to pick the truck up and see if I could do better in town. The good news is, there was no charge for the diagnosis (have to hand it to this dealer, they have been very good to us over the years) but they were going to charge $380.00 to install the 2 batteries. (see why I almost fainted). I picked up Big Red, and drove down to the Car Care Center here on base because I knew they sold Interstate Batteries and to see what they would charge (at least I could save on the Tax). Long story short I walked out with 2 new Interstate Batteries @ $89.00 Each, compared to $175.00 each at the dealer. So for a total bill of $179.00 I saved $201.00, We're happy campers!!!

So after around a 1/2 hour of work installing them, Big Red has a nice new pair of batteries. I must also comment, that the new ones have 100 more cranking amps than the factory replacements from the dealer, so even a better deal.

I thank everyday that I decided to stick it out and make the Air Force a career. The end retirement check is not a good as some, but not bad at all. What does make up for it, is the other benefits you don't think about. These save us alot of money through out the year and add conciderably to our quality of life. The above is just a small example of that.

Well, another unexpected hick-up taken care of, and another day closer to heading out at the end of July. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you on the next go round.  

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

That was quite a savings. With all that extra money, Sheryl can do more redecorating to Scout.

I agree, it is a wonderful thing to have those military bennies, they do add to quality of life. I love the 10% that Lowe's gives militay folks, they saved me lots of $$$ while we redid our house.

Plus it is a nice fraternity to belong to, no matter what your service was. I've heard many people over the years bemoan the fact that they got out of the service before retirement eligability, but I've never heard a military retiree regret staying in to retirement age.

You earned it, now it's good to see you enjoying it!