Monday, July 30, 2012

Summertime Projects

During these dog days of summer and the oppressing 100+ degree heat, we decided to tackle a couple of inside projects. First was replacing the kitchen floor. We could tell the previous owner replaced it once already, however they did a pretty poor job, so the tack looking linoleum had to go.
After pulling it up and scrapping up all the backing, we were pleasantly surprised with the original hardwood flooring. Only problem was there were a few damaged places that would have taken too much work to fix. Along with sanding, staining and recoating, it was going to be more trouble than it would have been worth. We elected to go with a good quality peel and stick laminate flooring, in a slightly darker color to highlight the floor and cabinets. Once we got the hang of it, the floor went down pretty quick.
Scrappy Doo, enjoying the finished project and his favorite sleeping spot. We think it turned out well and are very happy with the results. The same flooring was also in the bathroom. We pulled it up and found the original tile to still be in good shape, so it was just cleaned up and will stay as is.

We have another small project we finished, however blogger is not letting us load another picture right now, so it will have to wait till later. We are loving our motorhome more and more each day. The two A/C units are working great in the heat, even though they can struggle alittle when the temp get well over 100, but that's seems to be the same with most all RVs.

We leave for OKC Wed. so more than likely we'll see you then.................


Mike and Terri said...

The floor looks great!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

That came out really nice and met with Scappy Do's approval. :c)