Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Spirit

 Kayla and Chris invited us over to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. We all decided to get in the spirit and have a English dinner and brew to top off the festivities. On the menu was Bangers and Mash along with some Newcastle Brown Ale to wash it all down. I must say, it turned out very good, we did the Bangers (sausages) on the grill and made up some brown gravy from last nights pot roast. Of course the ale flowed through the ceremonies to make them that much

Even little Easton got into the spirit, him and his dad were fist pumping to the musical portion of the show. It was so cute, because he was actually pumping his fist!!!

We had a great time. The Opening Ceremonies were very well done, and made for an enjoyable start to the games.

Well we only have three more days here in the DFW area, then we head back to OKC. We haven't decided how long we'll stay in OKC but, it maybe longer than we want in order to replenish our savings. Our fund took a big hit buying the motorhome, but it was well worth it. We also need to start looking into a tow system for the car so poor Sheryl doesn't have to keep following behind.

That's it for now, and we'll see you back here again before long.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Bangers and mash, Good Oh! Learned to love them in London. How fitting of a meal, great choice. :c)

John and Carol said...

What a great way to get in the Olympic spirit. We enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies too. The lighting of the torch was amazing.