Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grandpa Time!!!

 Granpa got in a little Grandpa time with Easton yesterday. What a happy little baby he is, not a cryer or whiner, of course he's got good genes from both sides of the family. We stopped by for a bit and visited the kids and the rest of the family for abit before heading home. That's the nice part about being here with the RV, we don't have to spend every waking hour at their house or in some hotel room. We can come and go as we want to, sleep in our own bed and be in our own home when not visiting.

It just so happened when it was my turn to spend alittle time with him, he woke up and was a pretty bright eyed little boy for only being a few days old now. He is just one cute kid (gets that from me you The other thing he gets from our side of the family, and one day he'll either thank me or curse me, is large hands and feet. Monkey Toes as Sheryl likes to tell me, well they are good for picking things up off the floor with out bending

Ok, just a quick daily dose of Baby Easton. Take care and see you back here soon, maybe even with a different


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

What a great shot of the little guy!

Grandpa duties are the best. :c)

Mike and Terri said...

What an expression! Cute!