Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Girls New Dress

We arrived safe and sound here in OKC and are staying at Josh and Kaileigh's house for a few days. Yesterday afternoon, Sheryl got to surprise Clara with here very own hand made Princess Dress. Clara had been wanting a Princess Dress, so Grandma Sheryl made her one and we all think it turned out beautiful. Even Sheryl was pretty proud of herself!!!

Today was registration day for the car we picked up in Kansas, so she is sporting her shinny new OK plates. Interesting thing, here in OK, they actually have privately ran tag agencies, where you can get you tag, various state licences and your drivers license, all with out having to visit the ever popular State Motor Vehicle Division. It was nice to walk in and 15 min later walk out with tags! Awesome!!!!

So, one more item checked off the list, now just a couple more and we'll be done here for a couple more weeks. Also in case you were wondering, baby Easton , mom and dad are doing fine, and we'll be back down to see them in a few days. Take Care and we'll see you back here soon.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Sheryl did a beautiful job on the dress, your granddaughter certainly looks like a princess!

Jerri Washam said...

It’s nice to know you had a safe trip. :) I wouldn’t want to see such sweet kid irritable from a trip. Anyway, all I can see is a little girl very pleased of her new dress, and as you’ve said it, proud! That’s one step closer to being a real princess. Although, I know she is one already in your family. ;) Was that the color of her choice?