Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Texoma, TX.

 We are back in Oklahoma City after a great weekend at Lake Texoma, TX. Family and friends started filtering in and out on Friday, staying one, two or all three days. There was lots of good food, good conversation and a whole lot of relaxing, especially for all the family as they still have jobs (poor The park doesn't have a real beach per say, but more of a low sandy area, it is still a great place to soak up some sunshine. You can see Sheryl, my daughter Kayla, Clara and the puppies enjoying the shallow water. At the end of this month we'll be headed to Dallas, as Kayla will be giving us a bouncing new grand baby.

Our Grand daughter Clara having tooooo much fun.
Even Scrappy got in on the action. I'll spare you any shots of us out of shape adults, besides kids and dogs are so much cuter.
The evenings were filled with campfire chat and smorers. Again we had a great time, it was nice to see everyone again and get everyone together as it doesn't happen very often.

That's all for this post, I'll post some more overview pictures of the campground in our next episode, should you wish to stop by this nice military campground. So until next time, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!


Mike and Terri said...

Unless looks are deceiving, it looks like you got the whole place to yourselves. How cool is that?

Kevin & Sheryl said...

They can be deceiving, the RV park was full but most folks seemed to just hang around their RVs