Saturday, June 2, 2012

Box "O" Mattress

 With Sheryl's back seemingly getting worst everyday, we both have been noticing that the mattress that came with the rig is just to firm for our tastes. So, a new mattress was in order. After looking around abit we settled on the Mattress in a Box from Camping World. We had put one in our old trailer and remembered it being pretty comfortable. It still kills me that they can compress these things so small.

 You can see it here all rolled up, I remember from our other mattresses warning, stand back when you cut the plastic off. Seems they forgot that warning for this one.

 Glad I remembered, so with one last cut "SPROING!!!!" and our new mattress is ready to go. Well almost ready, you should let it poof up for a bit before actually using it. So here's too many a good nights sleep from our new Mattress in a Box!!!.

It was also time to fill up Ole Red with Diesel, something I dread every time I have too. But much to my surprise "WOW" it had dropped 20 cents since we had left for the lake earlier this week. Nice Surprised, we can almost afford to drive around

That's it for this quick installment, we'll see you next time as we keep Lovin Our Life!!!

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Mike and Terri said...

I envy that diesel price. It's about 50 cents higher in Nebraska.