Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bombing Range and Escapees

 Here in Oklahoma the local bird population has seemed to take a disliking to our truck. Of curse they must be Air Force birds here on the base as they are using the truck as a bombing range. You can see they are pretty well on target and I'm saving you the horror of the full aftermath of their air assault, lets just say "it ain't pretty"

 Our daughter offered up her driveway to wash away the scares of the battle. So after a hour of scrubbing and shining, Ole Reds all purdy again.

Kaileigh and Josh also have a new puppy, a cute little white haired lab mix, and our little Scrappy has taken a smitin to her. However like most men who only have one thing on the brain, Scrappy follows her everywhere and gets into everything she does. As in the other day, she taught Scrappy how to dig and play in the dirt/mud in the back yard, while we were gone for a bit. It was quite the sight to see when I pulled up in the driveway to see two little puppies at the front door, just proud as punch that they had escaped the confines of the back yard. What was even cuter, is when they decided they could be in trouble for their daring escape and both high tailed it for the hole it the fence. Of course they were doing this as I was parking, so I just had to laugh. When it was all said and done, poor Scrappy was dirty/muddy from head to toe and got the same treatment as Ole Red the day before.

Thats it for today, so keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours and we'll see you back here soon.


Gary said...

I hate when my truck or plane is the object of bird bombing target practice.

I recently tried a new wax product called Collinite 845. It makes the deeper colors really pop on our SUV and the stripes on the plane look great. The BEST result is that with simple rain water the bird "souvenirs" rinse off and it's even easier with the hose.

Gary said...
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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

And I thought my car was the bird poop magnet!

Better the birds are out bombing than sitting on the runway. (I think). ;c)