Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great OKC Doctors

What a busy week, spending more time with the kids, Sheryl dealing with her back pain, seeing doctors and general day to day activities, make me tired just remembering it

Lots of good news this week though. The new doctors here on OKC have been great and much more helpful than those in small town New Mexico. We both really like our new Primary Care Doctor, very personable. Her new Cardiologist is great, ran tests right away to get a good base line and make sure everything is going well with her heart.

One of the main reasons for coming to OKC, was to contact the Laser Spine Institute to see if they could help with Sheryl's back issues. We made a appointment for an initial consult, we took her MRI from Feb 12 with us and they found a few trouble spots. However with Sheryl's increase in pain since those were taken, they sent us over for a new MRI and X-Rays. We went back the next day and received good news/bad news. Bad news was, she is not a candidate for their laser surgery (we were crushed) However, the Good News, the neurosurgeon who we met with, showed us exactly what was wrong and causing her pain, he also explained what procedure was needed to take care of it and referred us to the right doctors to do it. He went on to explain, the insurance companies will not pay for them (neurosurgeons) to do the procedure she needs, as it can be done by a Pain Management doctor for much less and insurance will take care of it. After some thought (later in the day) we both realized what a good thing this turned out to be, no back surgery, no possible trip to Florida to have it done, and we should beable to have her taken care of much sooner.

Ok, now I must give a plug for the Laser Spine Institute, they were by far the best and most professional medical office/company we have ever dealt with. Customer service is #1 in their book. During your initial consultation, a Neurosurgeon sits down with you and looks at you MRI with you, he explains everything he sees and gives you honest information. If you need further MRIs/X-Rays, they have a shuttle which takes you to the various locations and returns you to their office. They provide a Cafe with in their office with free breakfast and lunch while you wait, the staff was also amazing. We can not say enough good about this company, even though they could not help us. We would highly recommend them if you are having any serious back pain, and their procedure in minimally invasive. They have offices around the country and you can find them Here .

That's all for now, have more to blog about but I don't want to make this entry too long. We are both excited about the excellent care Sheryl has been getting here in OKC and just wanted to relay that to everyone. See ya back here soon!!!

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Mike and Terri said...

Glad you had such a good experience. It's always nice to be treated like a patient rather than just a number.