Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Somethings Missing

Since we decided to upgrade to a 5th Wheel, we have been busy scouring the Internet to see what is out there in our price range. During our hours spent searching we have surprisingly found quite a few, good to know come buying time. Then of course, I walked out to the truck and noticed we were missing something, if we wanted 5er, hmmmm guess we better look at getting a hitch That sure would be a bummer if we ran across the perfect rig and had no way to get it home!!! So the gears changed from looking at rigs to looking for a hitch. Good news is, theres lots of them out there. Bad news is, most do not come with the rails, are not a sliding hitch (which we need) or are just too far away to make it economically feasible (shipping cost).  After some research I budgeted a figure to spend on a hitch, however I wasn't about to spend nearly that much on a used hitch, when for just a little more, I could buy new. Well after considerable thinking and weighing the options, we decided on one, broke out the debit card and placed an order. Which one did we decide on, well............I have to have something for our next post, so you'll just have to wait.....:) I can say I upped our budget a bit to buy one that will be better for us in the long run. 
Other than racking our brains over the above, life has been pretty normal, day to day life. We are staying in more and not doing a whole lot as we save for the new rig. So until next time.............see ya then.  


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good thinking! You can't have the cart before the horse...

I guess hitches are expesnsive, I know when I got married it's been costing me a bundle every year. ;c)

I think you're very wise to go new on a hitch, you never know what a used hitch has been through. It's not good if your trailer passes you going down the highway!

Anonymous said...

Some of the fifth-wheel trailers actually have the nose caps designed for tight turning radiuses so that you don't need a moveable hitch for tight manuevers.(had one, turninto a pain)
Happy travels
Rick R.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada