Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Hitch is Here!!!

Since Alamogordo, NM is our home base, this is also where we have our mail forwarding service. The ladies in town called yesterday to tell us we had a huge box and if we could come out and get it, as it was too heavy for them to move. My first thought was, Wow I just ordered it 2 days ago and it's here already, now that's service!!!  So I headed downtown to pick it up.
Our mail forwarding service is run by some very nice ladies, so when they said it was heavy, they were right, 280 pounds right!!! I knew hitches were heavy, but, I didn't realize they were that heavy, and of course I was by myself. We'll after alittle thinking and several grunts and many groans, I was able to heft it up into the truck bed...........whew......that took a lot out of me, but I got it up there.  Today I took to installing it. The boxes remained in the bed as I worked around them, be darned if I was going to lift that thing back in the bed again!!  First I installed the rails, alittle twisting and wrenching later and they were in, sure helped having a vehicle you sit up underneath. Next the hitch was put together and everything was pre fit together, before the final tighting down. Well, everything fit just right, so the final tighting was done.

And there she is, all installed and ready to roll, pretty darn good work if I do say so myself. One thing I was glad of, the previous owner had the brackets already installed on the frame, so that made it just a bolt on installation for me, thank goodness.

The hitch is a PullRite SuperGlide automatic sliding hitch. We thought about a manual one at half the cost, but decided to spend alittle more upfront and make life easier and better in the long run. No getting out and manually unlocking and locking the hitch, just let her do it her self........ahhhh nice. The hitch seems very well built and I'm glad we went this route. So the first step to getting a 5th Wheel is complete, next step, finding the one that is right for us. In our price range the choices are alittle more limited, but they are out there and it'll be nice to pay cash and not have another payment.
Ok, the big secret has been revealed, so until next time...............Keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours......Take Care


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good choice on the hitch, I'm sure it will work well for you. I agree that the automatic function is worth it.

Looks like it was lots of fun installing it. Nice to have all that clearance under your truck to work.

This should be a good time to look for that fiver, many folks don't want to take their snowbird home home or are scared by the price of fuel and want to sell fast. Good luck in the hunt!

Anonymous said...

Looks exciting! Just joining up on your travels via your blog. Where are you going next? We're always interested in meeting up w/ fellow blogger-RVers.