Saturday, May 7, 2011

Little Update

Just wanted to answer a couple of comments we've gotten concerning the hitch we installed. The PullRite SuperGlide takes a special adapter plate which is installed on the 5th Wheels King Pin to make the hitch operate correctly. That is the part we have not gotten yet, as we don't know which 5ver we'll be getting. Since there are many different king pin manufactures, we figured we would wait until we found the 5ver to buy then order the proper plate for it, which according to PullRite is a simple install. We could have bought their universal adapter plate, but was told it would be more difficult and time consuming, along with the need for special tools we don't have. Will it be a pain to find the 5ver first and then order the plate, yes, especially if it is some distance from us now. However for the minor PITA at first, it will much nicer in the long run.

We've also been asked a couple of times where we're headed from here. The general plan from here will be KS, OK, TX, to visit family and then on to southern FL by the end of Nov for our sons wedding. Since we'll be in FL already, figure we'd go to north central FL and stay for a bit. Would love to stay farther south, but campground prices really go up during that time if the year. The north central area pricing seems to stay the same and is actually fairly reasonable. After that who knows, we really want to head towards the North West as neither of us has been there. Of course Sheryl wants to see New England also, so that maybe a better choice since we'll be on this side of the country anyway.
Again thanks for all the emails and comments everyone. Like all who have a blog, it's usually started for friends and family first, but it sure is nice to know others enjoy it also. I know we enjoy reading several fulltimers blogs, even though we may not post to them every time, we sure enjoy them.
Take Care all, and see ya next round.

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