Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good News X 2

The other day, Sheryl had her second opinion appointment with the new doctor and things didn't turn out quite as expected, it actually went better!!! The doctor reviewed her case, gave her a good examination and told her surgery was not the best option. He explained, in his experience, surgery does more harm than good and recommended physical therapy and pain relief injections. Well of course I was there with her and was expecting her to just lose it, what no surgery after all we have been through to try and get it!!! To my surprise she was Happy, and I was confused?? The doctor left to go write up the referral, and I asked her about how she really felt, and again to my surprise, she said she felt really good about it and very relieved that she wasn't going to have the surgery. So next week we'll look at beginning the physical therapy and make an appointment with the pain management doctor. We both think this is a good decision and hope the PT and injections work and don't't take to long, as we are really ready to be back travelling. Wish her luck!!!
The next bit of good news is, we found a 5th Wheel to buy. We went down to El Paso to look it over in person. Everything looked good and Sheryl just fell in love with the layout inside. We gave the owner a small down payment and we'll be picking it up on the 1st. Ahhh life is good. The rig is a Sunny Brook Mobile Scout 33' Rear Living Triple Slide model. There are a couple of issues here and there, but nothing major and easy fixes. We negotiated a very good deal and are very happy, be even more happy when we can pick it up. In all our excitement, we forgot to get pictures (of course), we have ones from the ad, but would rather post our own.
So that's the Good News X 2 for us this week. Thank goodness no surgery and a new rig to boot, life is good!!! So to add to the suspense, you'll have to wait till we bring her home for pictures.
That's all for this week, so next time we'll see you right here, just Lovin our Life


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, that is GREAT news, no surgery. Here's our best wishes that everything works out for the best with the PT and soon!

Glad you found the new fiver, it'll make traveling so much more comfortable and fun. Things always work out for the best.

Anonymous said...

Beginners Yoga, it will help. It works like Physical Therpy that you can do on your own...Shots will help with the transition...

Darren and Joyce Romero said...

Glad to hear things are coming together for both of you.