Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow, what a last few days. We left Crestview, FL. Thursday and are now here in Dallas, TX. I woke up Thursday not feeling my greatest, but we hit the road anyway and things just got worst. After about 70 miles and my 5th yacking session, I had, had enough and we sought out a RV park somewhere in Alabama. I crawled in bed around 2:00 pm and don't remember too much after that. Felt alittle better the next day, so we pressed on and made it just outside Baton Rouge, LA. before stopping again for the day. Two more days of travelling and we finally made it to my daughter Kayla's house just outside Dallas. You may ask why are you pushing yourselves so hard, isn't fulltiming supposed to be an at you leisure's pace?? Well, yes it is, however, we do have a schedule, we need to get back to El Paso for a doctors appointment we made for Sheryl. You see, she is at her wits end with her back pain, so we are going to (hopefully) have the doc operate and fix it once and for all. In the mean time we needed to stop by and pick up a few things from Kayla's house and drop them off at her brothers house in Austin, TX. since it is basically on the way.
We didn't stop, visit or take any pictures along the way, except for the one above. While driving along just outside of Crestview, we ran across the above and just had to get a picture. It's at the entrance of a Black Angus Ranch, and each of the branches is a Black Angus head carving. Besides being a really cool work, we thought it was great that they just didn't cut down the old dead tree, but actually made a work of art out of it.
We'll be staying here in Dallas for a few days relaxing after the hectic week before heading out again. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next time around.


Lucky said...

Been following your blog cause I hope to full-time coming this December 11.
Don't normal give advise or suggestions but I spent twenty years jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and had terrible lower and mid back problems over that entire time. I've ate a river of motrin and flexeril, had many epidera steriod injections, visted the neurosurgeon about surgery. I one thing that has help me the most over the last two years without fail is Yoga. I started basic yoga and have done really well. Rodney Yee, Iyenger Yoga. It is on Netflix. Might want to try this before surgery if it applies to her situation. Surgery is 50/50 for better or worse...

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, bummer you had to get sick just as you are trying to make time. But life happens, no matter if you're in a house or an RV. Shows that FT life is still life and good and bad things occur.

Hopefully Sheryl's back issue gets sorted out soon and is fixed quickly. I feel her pain, I have a hernated disc at the L-5 level and boy does that knock me down sometimes!

All the best to you, keeping our fingers crossed.