Sunday, February 13, 2011

Destin, Fl.

We arrived in Destin Saturday afternoon and got settled into the Army RV park here. We didn't do a whole lot except have dinner out. Sunday morning we decided to get an early start on the day so we could spend the nicer part of the day sitting out and just enjoying the great weather. We headed over to Eglin AFB where I was stationed in the Late 80s (really, has it been 20 years???? I showed Sheryl around and took her to see where I used to live. Well as you can see above, there seems to be something missing on Willow Lane, yup that would be our old homested that is no longer there, just a wooded area now, even the road is gone and I would bet the street sign is soon to follow.

We had a choise between staying on Eglin AFB or one of the surrounding military campgrounds, we chose to stay at Destin. I wanted to show Sheryl the campground here on Eglin also. The Campground is right on the bay as I remembered, however they only have Elec and Water hook-ups, no sewer. A newer campground was built close to the BX area with full hook-ups, but the one on the bay has the best views.

Back here at Destin, this is our Campsite, not bad, about 100 yards from the bay. They also have hotel style rooms and duplex style rooms for rent. The campground is fully fenced in and gated, nice and secure. All in all a great place.

The campground pier at sunset.

Captured this little guy giving me the evil eye, as if to say, hey, what are you lookin at...................

Sunset shot of the campground area along the bay, beautiful. Sheryl just can't get over how clear and blue the water is.
Tomorrow we head 30 miles north into the Crestview area to vist one of Sheryl relatives. I going to try and get my wilderness fix, and go out and explore the vast Eglin Reservation. Not really sure when we'll have WiFi again, maybe sooner or later, so check back and see if I got stuck or lost in the North Florida woods.............................


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You sure have found some nice military campgrounds in FL.

Are they very reasonable and not to crowded this time of year?

Kevin and Sheryl said...

Yes they are and we were able to get in no problem. Just standard rates.