Friday, February 11, 2011

Beachin at Panama City Beach

Wow, finally a decent day here in the FL panhandle and seeing how we're here at Panama City Beach we thought a day checking out the beach was in order. Temps were in the 50's and the sun was shining bright, breeze was alittle cool but that was ok. We did lunch at one of the local diners (not very good) then pretty much drove along the coast, stopping to check out the beach once in a while.

We came across Pier Park (open air mall), this place is pure tourist trap, lots of shops selling lots of souvenirs. Not my kind of place but Sheryl had a ball looking around the shops (must be a woman The whole beach front is lined with hotels and condos, everything else is tourist and spring break oriented. I don't fault the area for that, it's how they make their money, it's just not for me.

However, the Gulf is clear blues and greens and the sand is nice and white, beautiful as long as you don't turn around. We have enjoys our stay just relaxing around the campground, however I don't think we'll be back this way, the are is just not for us. Tomorrow we head out for Eglin AFB and the Ft Walton Beach area. We'll be staying at the base for a couple of days and the north about 30 miles to visit one of Sheryl's relatives for a couple of days. They have large piece of property and told us we could park the trailer there and would provide water and Elec, not a bad deal.
Ok all, we'll see you in a couple of days, so, keep Lovin Your Live as we do ours................

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, what a great looking beach! Too bad it was too cool to go for a dip.

You sure picked a great place to visit.