Friday, February 4, 2011

Trenton, FL's Really Cool Quilt Shop

Today we left Cedar Key and headed North toward the Florida Panhandle. We said our goodbyes to new our new friends Pat and Cindy, the managers of the Low Key Hideaway. They were great hosts and hope to see them again while out on the road. Before leaving we met up with Tom and Claudia who we met at Ceder Key for lunch and a trip thru a pretty cool quilting shop in Trenton FL. The quilt shop is housed in the old Coca Cola building dating back to the early 1900s.

Along with a seemingly endless supply of fabrics and all things quilting, there is a great little Cafe inside also. We decided on lunch before turning the ladies loose in the shop.

The Cafe served great food, Sheryl had a Taco Salad which had an interesting twist. She was expecting your standard Taco Salad (hard shell bowl, lettuce, tomato, etc). However, this one came on a bed of mixed greens, cherry tomato's, fancy cheese, taco meat and tortilla chip around the plate, basically a gourmet Taco Salad and boy was it good!!! Even without the attached quilt shop it's a great place for lunch, so check it out if your ever in the Trenton area.

Sheryl in her element, Shopping!!! and as you can see from the package in her arms she struck gold!!!

New friends, Tom and Claudia. They are full timing in a 1950 era Airstream travel trailer, cool rig! After saying our goodbyes, it was off to Wally World for some last minute supplies for the upcoming trip north, then back to Cedar Key.
Next post will be our trip out on the boat with Pat and Cindy. Figured I just make it a new post as not to draw this one out too far. Ok, see you then.

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