Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Day at the Museum and the Tin Can Tourist Rally

Awoke to a beautiful day a few days ago and Sheryl says, hey, lets ride our bikes down to the other museum in town and check it out. Well sounded like a plan to me, so off we went. This is the Cedar Key Historical Society's museum and has more local info and displays than the state run one we visited the other day. This one is right down town in one of the towns older buildings. Along with the many displays, they also have a old house you can tour, which has had many faces over the years (train station, dentist office, home).

It was a great tour and we learned alot about Cedar Key and the surrounding area. Plus they were running a sale on some really nice ball caps with the society's logo on them, so I couldn't resist picking one up.

As luck would have it, the Tin Can Tourists were having a rally at a campground just a few hundred yards away. As luck would have it, we had nothing to do that day either (imagine So we took a stroll down to check out all the old RVs. If your not familiar with the Tin Caners, they are a RV Club dedicated to the preservation of vintage RVs. Most of this rally was made up of vintage travel trailers. The owners take a lot of pride in restoring them to there original condition. During the rally they also have an Open House, where you can tour the rigs and talk with the owners (some of which are real hoot).

It was great to see all the old rigs, as opposed to a new RV show with all the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmo's on them. To tell you the truth, I like the older rigs better, they had a style and class all there own.
Our Internet connection has been kinda iffy here at our site (owners are working on making it better) so we are running a bit behind on posting our adventures, so just bare with us, and we'll be caught up soon. We'll be posting some more random picture from around the area and also a day out on the water with our hosts, so stay tuned for for that, we had a blast and saw some great sights. A fun and busy last few days. We are headed out Friday for north Florida, so we are getting in all our last minute sight seeing while we can. Ok, stay tuned and we'll see you again shortly.

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