Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year While Headed South

Happy New All!!!, Today we left North Georgia and headed south. Our plans as usual changed on a dime, we had thought about going to Savannah GA. for a couple of days, however the RV parks down that way were full. Plans changed and we are now in Southern GA. We will be going to Jacksonville FL. for a couple of days to visit our Grand Daughter, before heading over to Cedar Key. Today was pretty uneventful, just hooking up and heading out. We did stop for Breakfast at a local Waffle House, We forgot how good southern Grits and Hashbrowns were, we've obviously spent waaaaaaay to much time out The trip down was, constant rain, which pretty much started in downtown Atlanta and hasn't stopped yet, it's even raining as I type this!

Just a quick update, we'll be in Jacksonville tomorrow, staying at the Mayport Naval Station, RV park. Stay tuned for more as we check out the area and visit with our Grand Daughter, Charity.

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