Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cedar Key, FL.

We have arrived here in Cedar Key and the Low-Key Hideaway, where we'll be spending the next month. It's a great little Motel/RV park and our hosts Pat and Cindy could not be more gracious or helpful.

The RV spaces are right on the water, not more than 50" from the rear of the trailer.....the spaces are abit close together, but you still can't beat it. Won't go into great detail now, as we'll be posting alot about the Hideaway and Cedar Key through out out the month.
Some bad news now, with all the rain storms we have encountered during the past week or so, we have discovered several leaks in the trailer, bad leaks. Being out in the desert southwest, not something you noticed as it only rained once in a while and not for long. What this means is we will be in search of a new travel trailer to replace this one. It will eat into our travel funds a bit, but we should still be ok, it is our home and we need too make sure we have a safe and secure place to live. We will be repairing what we can to stem the tide, but the damage has already been done. The trailer has served it's purpose and got us out on the road as well as saved us in our time of crisis early on, but it is time for her to go and bring in a newer model.
More to come in the near future so stay tuned.............................

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