Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Florida or Bust

We arrived in the Sunshine State Monday, bringing a Georgia rainstorm with us, and it didn't stop raining till the following day. First time pulling the trailer in a rainstorm, and the ole Jeep handled it pretty well.

We arrived in Jacksonville, FL later that day, checking into the RV park at Naval Station Mayport, where we'll be staying for 3 days.

We scored a front row site overlooking the port of Jacksonville inlet.....nice. This is our view! We settled in for the evening and just relaxed after the drive.

The next morning we awoke to this view, just a couple of hundred yards from our door. It's pretty awesome watching the ships come and go from our site.

The beach is just a short ways from the RV Park, so we went down to see the sunset. The temps were in the 40s with the wind screaming, needless to say we were cold!!! but by golly we were going to see the beach the first day!!!

On our way back over the dunes we found Paddle Cactus of all things??? We haven't seen them since leaving the desert and here they are in the Florida dunes....pretty wild we thought.

While we were here we also wanted to visit my Grand Daughter Charity, we told her we were coming and wanted to give her our Christmas gift in person. Sheryl gave her the quilt she hand made especially for her, and of course she loved, we were so happy she did. We picked her up from school and took her shopping at the local mall. We had dinner together and just an all around good time. We only had a few hours, but we made the best of them and will be back to she her again soon.
Tomorrow we leave for Cedar Key, FL. so check back and we'll have all the skinny on our new site for the next month. See ya in a few days!!!

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