Tuesday, December 28, 2010

North Georgia Trail Ride

A chilly start to the morning......burrrrrr. Monday I went out for a trail ride and a little backcountry exploring with some folks here in North GA. I put the word out on one of the Off Road Fourms I frequent, that we were here in North GA, till the end of the month, and these guys came through with a great day out.

We met at a Waffle House along I-575, I forgot how good southern grits and hash browns were!!! Here's the line up in the parking lot.

After a good hearty breakfast, we headed into the Chattahoochee National Forest for some exploring.

Short river crossing.

Most of this trail is in a deep washout with lots of woop dee dos, sure made for an interesting drive.

Another shot of the trail.

We then headed out for a mountain trail which was to lead to another interesting trail. Along the way the North GA, scenery was just beautiful, especially with the snow.

We made our way up the mountain via a shelf road. When we arrived at the top, the trail was too snowed in to go any further, so back down it was.

At the bottom, we stopped at this little Church's parking lot to decide on what was next. This was the most pristine white paint job on a church I have ever seen. The church and it's accompanying building were just beautiful. Well the consensus was, dinner and then head back home as it was getting on in time.

Dinner was BBQ at this little local BBQ joint, well into the back roads and had a all the southern charm you could imagine. I had the BBQ Beef and Fried Okra, however I should have listened when everyone else was ordering the BBQ pork. The beef was good but the pork looked really really good, guess being out west for so long, it's hard to find good pulled pork. Ok, I learned my lesson, so from now on it's the BBQ pork here in the south!!!
It was a great day out with new found friends, thanks again to you who put this trip together and for the Expedition Portal Fourm, to allow me to meet such great folks around the country.

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