Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RV Renovation Part I

As with any home, you want to put your touch on it and make it your own and our little RV was no different. Sheryl liked the floor plan but wasen't to crazy about the colors or carpet, so you know what that ment.........Change It!!! and change it she did!!! Sheryl got right to work, she had a vision in her head and was going to make it happen.
First order of business was to stain the cabnits a darker, richer color, so off came all the doors.

Let the staining begin!!!

Drying in the sun.

Next all the hardware had to be changed from that 1980s gold, to a brushed bronze look.

The ugly green carpet just had to go, so out it came. The kitchen flooring was ok to tile over so it could stay. We found a very nice stone effect tile and it went down pretty easy.

TADA....the finshed product.
The floor will be much easier to keep clean now and I must say it looks so much better than the old flooring. We also painted the walls a nice off white color, we both hated the look of the standard wallpapered walls. You can really see the differnce from the first picture compared to the last.
Stay tuned for the next installment, changing out the mini blinds for nice curtains and redoing of the valances.


ardies said...

How does it hold up pulling down the road

ardies said...

Hoe does it hold up pulling down the road