Thursday, March 4, 2010

RV Renovation FINISHED!!!

Renovations are complete!!! as you may remember from part I, cabinets were stained, walls painted and a new floor was laid. Well to finish off the look Sheryl was going for, all the valances came down and were recovered with a rich wine colored fabric. Curtains replaced mini blinds and covers replaced the green color of the couch and dining bankette.
After reading another RVes blog, we took one of their ideas and made it our own. We removed one of the dining bankettes and replaced it with our office chair. We also removed the dining table, which had those standard metal poles holding it up, and replaced the poles with a pedestal base. This freed up alot of room and made for much more comfortable seating. We did lose alittle storage space, but it was worth it.

Now it was just a matter of bring in the decorations to make it our home.

All the curtains and valances were made by recycling our house curtains (Sheryl did such a great job!!!)

The little bathroom sink area was pretty plain, so we dressed it up with a bit of tile work.

Here you can see the pedestal base, it was recycled from out house table also.

The inside of the RV has tons of storage, however the outside, well thats a different story. We were able to find a bolt on 2" reciever hitch so we could install a reciever hitch carrier. I mounted one of our heavy duty bins on the carrier as well as two gas cans for those extended trips away from it all. The spare tire bike rack fit the trailer spare very well and gives us a place to carry the bikes. With the carrier sitting out a bit from the bumper, I was able to mount our ladder there as well.
The renovations are pretty much finished and now our little RV looks more like a home and less like a travel trailer inside. Extra storage on the outside helps to bring along our bulky camping gear and tools.
Now all thats left is to wait for the right moment to take off on our grand adventure of full time RVing. It won't be long, just have to finish tying up some lose ends, and get prepped.
Thats it for now, we'll be seeing you on the road as we love our new life of exploration!!!


Jerry n' Cynthia said...

That chair sure looks familiar! Great job!

Rosalinda Rudloff said...

I like the color you went with the drapes. It feels very homey, and it adds a simple elegance to the interior of the RV. Also, what I found surprising about all this is that, even though you have a lot of stuff around, it still looks spacious inside. I think that’s because you were able to use the space pretty good. Well done!

Anonymous said...

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Simplicity Sofas Goes Camping said...

I did the tile by the bathroom sink as well and also did the kitchen. I used the tile called Smart Tile, has an adhesive back and easy to cut with a craft knife or scissors. Love it!