Thursday, March 4, 2010

Short Notice Trip to Colorado

RV renovations were put on hold this week for a short notice trip to Colorado. We received word that one of Sheryls relatives she was very close to had suddenly passed away.
The local VFW came out to honor his memory as he was a WWII Vet. All the services were nice and he was laid to rest.

After spending a couple of days it was time to head home, however we did make a stop or two to enjoy the scenery. Colorado is such a beautiful state, and since I had never been there before I was just amazed everywhere I looked, no wonder folks love living there.

We stopped in Durango just to see what the town was all about, checked out the downtown area and the visitors center. The since it was Saturday center was closed, but the grounds and surrounding area were nice to see.

Once back in New Mexico we took a little side trip to Navajo Lake. Sheryl used to go there many years ago and talked about how beautiful it was. It was nice to see one of Sheryls fond memories and it brought them back for her also.

We spent the night in Albuquerque at Kirkland AFB (what a nice room) to break up the long ride home. The next morning a hearty breakfast was in order and the Route 66 Diner was our weapon of choice. What a great little place, a real 1950 style diner, and the food was great (look for a full review on our resturaunt review page) After breakfast it was a uneventful ride home, weather was rainy pretty much all the way.
It was nice to get away for a few days, just wish it had been under more pleasent circumstances. Well back home now and back to finishing the RV renovations!!!

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