Monday, February 26, 2007

The Blanky is Finished, The Blanky is Fnished!!!

Monday, February 26

Ahhhh back to work today, actually work is not so bad, as most of you know, I work at Gander Mountain (a retail outfitter store) the best part of the job is some of the people you get to meet and hear about where they are going and or where they have been. Today I met a gentleman who is a retired school teacher, actually I met him a couple of weeks ago when I sold him a canoe. He came back today for a rack system for his truck to haul the canoe, so as one thing led to the other, I learned he was headed to Big Bend National Park in Texas to Canoe the Rio Grande River for 3 days, as well as other trips he had planned for the future. Anyway the point is, he gave me several tips on nearby lakes in Texas and New Mexico we should check out, why you wonder why the big deal, well, we bought a couple of Kayaks earlier this month and we need some places to visit, (more on the kayaks later.) Again you ever know who you will met on any given day, and it sure is a pleasant surprise when you get to met someone interesting. One last thing, his outlook on life was was one that both Sheryl and I share, he is starting to do the things he always wanted because you never know what tomorrow mite bring....
The Blanky is finished, the Blanky is finished!!! It sure did turn out nice and gama is so proud of it, as she should be, she did an excellent job!! She tried several different fringe types until settling on just the right one. Again I hope the new mommy and little one cherish it for a long time, for all the love that went into the hand made gift.

It's been a pretty uneventful week, work for both of us, however, there is something I have noticed here in Texas or should I say our area of Texas, and that is the abundance of Soccer Moms. When I say soccer moms I don't mean the standard one you see around the country at the every kids games. I mean true hard core soccer moms, I have never seen so many large SUV's of all types (they do like their BIG trucks here in Texas) with soccer/baseball/football/etc stickers on the back windows of the extra large SUV's. each one with their kids names on them and all driven by your stereotypical barbie mom. I guess not being from this area, to us it is odd, almost to the point of being funny, you really do understand where the name soccer mom comes from when you see a barbie driving a big truck with no other purpose than to haul kids around. Just a random thought and observation to share...

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